Weigh-in Wednesdays

Since getting married in September 2008 I:

  • took two intensive online courses while working full time
  • quit my job
  • started and completed a 13 month Master’s program, (while student teaching full time)
  • ate my way through Paris & Rome
  • applied & was rejected from 117 positions, (applied to 1 and accepted a job offer)
  • bought a house
  • started a new career
  • gained twenty one pounds

In October 2010 I started slow changes in my life to get healthy. Before that I always equated healthy with skinny. Not anymore. In December 2010 I started tracking my weight loss and on December 30th I started posting my progress online.

Here I am at the highest post-wedding weight…

Here I am now….

And here is my goal…

Click below to see my progress week by week:

Weigh-in 1

Weigh-in 2

Weigh-in 3

Weigh-in 4

Weigh-in 5

Weigh-in 6

Weigh-in 8

Weigh-in 9

Weigh-in 10 (the thin ideal)

New and Improved!

Weigh-in Wednesday’s got a face lift on April 20, 2011. I am not focusing on pounds lost, but am instead focusing on inches lost, exercise goals and how I feel.

Weigh-in 11

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