Last WIAW of the school year!

Happy Wednesday y’all! Have a hankering for pizza? Check out my review of South Perry Pizza on Foodbeat NW!

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W #1


My oh my am I slacking on my workouts! Specifically, I’m having a terrible time motivating myself to run. In fact, I skipped my long run this weekend and instead went on an enjoyable hike through Riverside State Park with the hubs and pup instead. It was pretty beautiful. But I need to get back on the bandwagon and get my bootay in gear, otherwise I am going to be miserable during my half marathon. Boo!


My eating is all over the place. We hit up The Flying Goat 3 days in a row last week. Ummm, yeah. I also had the aforementioned McDonalds and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I’m still not eating any candy, but I’m not eating healthy by any stretch of the imagination. When I get stressed, I eat. I’m trying to focus on running and strength training to get the extra amped up energy to release itself, but it isn’t working.


I’m feeling pretty lethargic to be honest. I had some blood tests run a few days ago, and am hoping to hear back soon. I’m assuming nothing to be alarmed about, but things are all sorts of off lately. So aside from that, I know if I focus on the above to areas a tad more, this area will fall into place.


Today’s meals are totally not going to be photographed. After today there is only 1 day (3 hours, actually, not even a full-day) left in the 2010-2011 school year, and I know I won’t have time to photograph anything I eat. Will I even have time to eat? Thank goodness for Larabars!

So instead, you get Weekend eats today. Weekend eats are much prettier (and often more enjoyable) than work-day eats, wouldn’t you agree?

Saturday breakfast:

Pumpkin pie oatmeal: oats, vanilla, cinnamon, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, 2 TBS canned pumpkin, 2 TBS raisins, 2 TBS pecans

Saturday Lunch:

Cantelope, dill pickle spears and a black forest ham sammie on carmelized onion rye bread I picked up at the Spokane Public Market this weekend 🙂

Seltzer spiked with frozen pineapple chunks and fresh pineapple sage from our, (ahem, The Hubsgarden. Really. I have a black thumb) garden.

Lunchtime reads:

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown. I finished it, but it was a difficult read.

Dinner (all grilled by The Hubs)

Lemon mustard grilled salmon on a cedar plank

Grilled Romanze potatoes, picked up at the farmers market that morning, tossed with olive oil, s&p, green onions and chives from our garden.

Interlude for a little movie action.


And a little Flying Goat snackage afterward:

Housemade A Street Chips with Murray Salt and Vinegar

And some of this may, or may not, have been consumed.



What is the best thing you ate today?

I’m a runner! [Bloomsday 2011 recap]

I finally feel like I’ve earned the right to say:

I am a runner.

This weekend my friend Reese drove across the state to run Bloomsday (a 12K) with me. During her short stay, I attempted to make her time in Spokane as enjoyable as possible. I have a secret plan to move all of my friends from college back to Spokane. First up: introduce Reese to the wonders that are an OXO Salad Spinner.

She was totes impressed.

Next on the agenda: baking. Saturday morning I whipped up my new favorite breakfast treat, and Saturday afternoon I made a batch of devilishly delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies.

Reese tasted one, just to make sure it wasn’t poisonous.

I quickly followed suit.

Also necessary was a trip to the convention center to pick up our Bloomsday bibs and D tags. While there we browsed the trade show. This year Bloomsday brought in roughly 65,000 runners. In addition to the runners were all their family members and friends. The trade show tested my claustrophobic tendencies.

After leaving we spotted Clifford the Big Red Dog and Scooby Doo.

They ran away from us though, so we booked it over to Main Market to grab some fresh bread from Petite Chat bakery in order to properly carbo load.

The Petite Chat Tuscan bread was the perfect complement to our cheesy tortellini and Butternut Squash Sauce.

(This sauce is amazing! Go buy some, now – Costco 2 for $6.99!)

A few more cookies were consumed, for good measure, and we were off to bed. I was so excited, however, that I couldn’t sleep! I woke up at 7, showered, had a few sips of coffee and ate some whole grain toast with peanut butter and a banana. I am loving this pre-run combo!

Obligatory pre-race pictures were taken,

And yes, I did find a running fanny-pack! I purchased this sweat resistant iFitness belt at the trade show and am so glad I did. It has a pocket for your ID/credit card/cash, and is big enough to hold a camera or smart phone, gu/sports beans/shot blocks, chapstick and inhaler.

and we quickly walked a few blocks to catch a bus downtown. We purchased bus pass stickers, which adhered to our bib’s-the Spokane Transit Authority has 4 zones where you can park your car and get an express bus down to the race. I didn’t realize it at the time of purchase, but the sticker bus passes are good the entire day and will work on any bus line. Phew – we were encouraged to arrive at the bus zones 2 hours prior to our color block start time!

Our color block was supposed to start at 9:15. We arrived somewhere around 8:45 and waited, and waited, and waited. I was freezing, and looked a little like Molly Shannon, as I attempted to warm my fingers.


We knew we were getting close to actually starting (not on time, mind you) when the beach balls started bouncing around the crowd. Also making their way forward were corn tortillas. I’m not sure who brought them, but they looked like flying saucers. The hubs threw a few forward.

As we got closer to the starting line, runners removed long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, gloves and scarves and threw them into the trees.


I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but a woman near me informed me that after the race the volunteers pick up all the hanging clothes and donate them to charity. How cool is that? I am definitely going to come prepared next year!

Finally we reached the start of the race. I was so pumped!


At the start line I ran into a co-worker and fellow principal in my district. Fun! We slowly and steadily made our way through downtown, through historic Browne’s Addition and down the hill. The first mile was so slow! We kept trying to weave in and out of people, but it was difficult.

After about a mile and a half the crowd thinned out a bit and we were able to fall into a pretty good pace. I also was pleased to see the amazing, not a cloud to be seen, bright blue sky. It was absolutely perfect running weather: 60ish degrees with a slight breeze. This was so exciting, as it SNOWED on Friday.

I hit every water stop (at miles 2, 4, top of Doomsday Hill, and mile 6), and only slowed to a walk at those points. Oh, that is a lie. When I hit Doomsday Hill (a rather steep incline between miles 4 and 5), Darude’s Sandstorm came on my iPod and it was just the motivation I needed to push forward. However, halfway up the hill I knew walking would actually be faster than my pathetic excuse for running, so we walked til we hit the vulture at the top.


I, of course, high-fived him. And many other creatures along the way, including Spike, the Gonzaga mascot 🙂

At the top of the hill my calf started bugging me, and I cursed myself for not purchasing a foam roller. (Mental note, add one to Amazon Wish List). One more reason to go to the gym tomorrow morning: use free foam roller. The pain wasn’t enough to slow me down, however. I kept on trucking, with many bystanders as my cheerleaders. One fabulous sign read “Duh, Winning!” above a stick figure running. I loved it! In addition to fun signs and awesome spectators, this year marked the 35th anniversary, and there were 35 bands along the way, singing us to the finish line.

As we rounded the final corner, Reese, the Hubs and I started sprinting. We crossed the finish line holding hands above our heads.


It was pretty epic, not gonna lie.

I have no idea how long it took me to run the race. Stats were linked to my D-tag and should be up on the internet in the next week. I don’t care how long it took me, however. Whatever it is, it will be a PR, as I’ve never run 7.46 miles before! Positive outlook, huh? Go me 🙂

After the race we waited, what seemed like forever, for our bus to arrive. We hit home, quickly showered, changed into our awesome Bloomsday Finishers t-shirts (which shows the race course), and hit The Flying Goat for some much needed refueling.

Reese and I swapped slices. I ordered the Kerry Lynn Margarita, and she ordered the Wellington, complete with roasted asparagus. Mmmmm, asparagus. I’ve been craving asparagus since I saw Sarah’s post a few days back.

We had an amazing race, and I can’t wait to do another! Now I know what people mean when they say they’ve been bitten by the running bug.

Lot’s of reader questions today:

If you’re local (and even if you aren’t), did you run Bloomsday this year?

Have you ever run a race before? How many? What is your favorite length to run?

Fashion Friday + call for guest posts!

Hi bloggettes, I hope your work week did not include as much crazy weather as mine did. Between the hail, snow and rain I wasn’t sure we would ever hit 60 degrees. My car said we did today, but the news said otherwise.

The awesome 30~ degree temps had me busting out the sweaters and scarves this week.



No full body shot, but I did manage to snap a pic of my fun scarf situation. I felt like this girl:

Ok, not quite. She obviously has mad skills.


I pretty much hated my outfit, (stuffed a shirt I haven’t worn in a while in the gym bag, not realizing it was two sizes too big…off to Goodwill it goes!), so all you get is the shoes. Cute though, eh?


While the week’s weather was annoying as can be, the sun did decide to make an appearance today. The hubs and I decided to hoof it over to The Goat for a little patio action.

The fire pit made it feel like the sun was actually giving off some warmth 😉

While soaking up some Vitamin-D, we enjoyed a Riverside Focaccia (tomatoes, roasted garlic, basil, and olive oil on focaccia bread, mmmm)

Afterward, we were still a tad hungry and in need of milk for tomorrow morning. We swung by the house to pick up Libb, and walked a few more blocks to Safeway. Inside I spotted this awesomeness.

Clearly it needed a home in my belly.

I’m off to bed early tonight so I can rise and shine for my 6.5 mile run tomorrow. I am very excited to try out my new water bottle!

Speaking of my run, it is the last long one before I run Bloomsday next weekend-Eek! Since my friend, Reese, will be in town, I would prefer to take advantage of some girl time and a break away from the computer. I also am going out of town May 13-15 and don’t know how much time I will have to devote to blogging. So I would love to line up some guest posts for the weekend of April 29-May 1 and May 13-15. It can be whatever floats your boat: fashion Friday, fun recipe, exercise tips, Will & Kate Wedding recap, whatever!

Interested? Shoot me an email at spinachandskittles @ gmail dot com.