Month of May

Feel free to have Arcade Fire provide today’s soundtrack…

Weekend mornings are much more enjoyable than Monday mornings, wouldn’t you agree?

This weekend I whipped up a (ridiculously large) batch of Gingerbread Pancakes.

I dined alfresco with the hubs under some glorious rays of sunshine.

This morning I dined under florescent light, and my oatmeal was heated via the microwave. But there are only 3 Monday’s left in the 2010-2011 school year. And this is the last week in May…where did the year go?

Spokane seems to finally have gotten the drift that Spring is here…

…but I am wondering how long it will take before Summer arrives.

In preparation for some lovely spring inspired meals, last night the hubs grilled up 4 massive chicken breasts. I will be sprinkling them throughout the work week. Bulk grilling, the spring/summer version of freezer meals!

Meal Plan Monday:


Lemon asparagus pasta salad w/grilled chicken (recipe coming Thursday)


Gourmet Bean mix soup, salad


Baked Potato Soup* (a cross between this recipe and this recipe…I think) OR twice baked potatoes with grilled chicken

*I don’t particularly want soup multiple nights this week, but I came home with a ridiculous amount of free russets today, so I need to figure out a way to work them into my meal plan this week.




Date night at Wild Sage American Bistro


Something carbalicious…I do have to get a 9 miler in Sunday morning after all.


BBQ and homemade fries

Do you have a no-fail twice-baked potato recipe or potato soup recipe that I absolutely must try?