I didn’t die, promise.

It’s been two weeks since I last posted, which is a major blogger faux pas. Sorry about that bloggettes. I’ll (try to) never let that happen again. I fully intended to blog my two week road trip adventures, but my computer was not cooperating with me. But I’m back, and my camera is full of photos waiting to be unleashed.

Until I get everything sorted out, my house cleaned and my laundry washed, here is a sneak peak at the first few days of our adventure: Spokane to San Diego in 21 hours.

Planning (writers workshop) and snacking…

Fanciest McDonalds ever! We stopped north of Salt Lake City to use their restroom and were confused by the somewhat upscale decor.

Yeah, that is a waterfall…

Eating our first dinner at The Fez

Not to be confused with this Fez:

We stayed in Mesquite, NV the first night. In case you’re wondering, it is a 15 hour jaunt from Spokane. We left at 3:15 a.m. and arrived 17 and a half hours later, tired and ready to attack the penny slots.

The next day we arrived in San Diego, and spent a few days catching up with friends and family.

Lily, me and Erica

Sara, her cute new addition Reade, and me

Tim’s cousin getting married (the reason for our SD adventure)

Sisters-in-law Theresa and Melanie w/me

Yeah, Theresa totally wore white to the wedding. We didn’t let it slip 😉

I promise to be back with more later. If anyone would like to volunteer to attack my laundry, feel free to stop by.