Fashion Friday backlog

A few of my favorite bloggers do fun Friday posts, which include either fun facts or random fun bits of information. I have a massive amount of random pictures on my computer , which were intended for the blog, but never quite made it here. I also I missed fashion Friday last week…and the week before. I need to get my ducks in a row.

Today I’m attempting to merge my standard Fashion Friday with random photos.

First up, a bunch of outfit pictures from the past 3 weeks that never made it to the upload button…

And second, random photo fun!

I spotted this Annz Panz sign in Hood River this summer. I just thought it was fun and cute 🙂 It was supposed to go in my half marathon recap post, but WordPress and I weren’t getting along that day.

This fun condiment carrier was spotted at the Alpine Brewing Company (on our San Diego road trip this summer). I thought it would be a fun way to hold condiments at an outdoor bbq party this summer…then I never had one.

I you’re a long-time reader, you may remember when my brother, fondly referred to as Libb (live-in-basement-brother), lived with the hubs and I. He would receive instructional cooking texts from me on a daily basis. This is what I found after I requested he brown the taco meat:

This is my first attempt at pressing tofu…it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.

And finally, I spotted this disgusting monstrosity that is masquerading as a balanced breakfast, and knew I had to share.

If you’re a blogger, how many random photos do you have just waiting to be unleashed, but you don’t really have a reason to post them?

First blog formative assessment.

I was a barista for six years, therefore I have a very real addiction to coffee. I have no desire to let this sweet delicious brown liquid leave my life anytime soon.

(After re-reading this post I realized this is the only picture, and it is rather boring. So I am dispersing very random pictures throughout the post to spice things up a bit)

In honor of my one-month blogiversary I decided to evaluate my blog…you know, formatively asses it. I asked myself the following question:

Q. Why do you follow certain blogs and not others.


  1. I feel like I know the person writing it, and I would like to think we would be friends in real life.
  2. They have interesting thoughts/ideas and share them in a non-confrontational, non-preachy and inviting manner.
  3. They ask their readers questions, and participate in the discussion that follows.
  4. They challenge me, albeit without knowing it, to practice what I preach because it (appears) that they do.
  5. (If a food blog) They are creative in what they eat.

And then I asked myself another question:

Q. What is the first thing you do when you visit a new blog?

A. I look at the “about” page.

And finally:

Q. What makes you not want to come back?


  1. If I can’t determine what the blog’s focus is, (posts are really random).
  2. Very poor quality pictures.
  3. Too much writing/not enough pictures.
  4. Bad background/text color combo (like white text on blue page or blue text on black page, I can’t read it).
  5. Poor grammer, word choice, style, voice, etc.

Random picture 1: Rilo watches T.V. like this…


So do I do these things?

First round of Q’s:

  1. Well, I present myself and my random ramblings like I do in real life, so yes, what you read is what you get. But I can’t determine if you feel like you know me. That is up to you. But feel free to ask me questions 🙂
  2. I don’t think I’m preachy, and I avoid confrontation. But I don’t know that I’ve brought anything super thought provoking to the blog. Unless you are really interested in how to make the perfect hummus, in which case, yes I am wondering that too.
  3. I ask ya’ll questions sometimes, please answer! Or ask some of your own 🙂
  4. I’m trying to practice what I preach. But to be honest, I am a glass half-empty kinda gal. Or rather a whose going to fill my glass?! kinda gal. I’m trying to be more positive, but gosh darn it can be hard.
  5. I can be creative with what I eat, but generally only on the weekends. I’m a working girl with little time during the Monday-Friday grind.

Random picture 2: I love themed book club nights…


Second round:

I don’t have an about page…so I’m working on that right now.

Final round:

  1. My thoughts are random, but my posts generally follow the pattern of random thoughts mixed with what I ate for the day.
  2. My photos are ok. Not great quality, but I’m working on it. Focus would be great, but I don’t have a steady hand. Or peripheral vision for that matter, so I can’t always tell if my photos are in focus or not.
  3. Aside from this post I try to keep my words to photo ratio in a decent ball park. What do you think, am I too wordy? A photo hog?
  4. Dark grey text on a white background is easy to read (at least to me, and my eyes suck, so I hope you can read it well too).
  5. In high school I was the poster child for good parenting. I didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs or party. My dad is a newspaper editor so instead I rebelled by never wanting to write properly. I found learning the parts of speech to be rather boring and I still cannot spell. I regret my blasé attitude back in the day, because it surely isn’t doing me any good now.

Random picture 3: Love Ugly Sweater parties? So do I…

So there is my self-assessment. But I am your typical “A” student, and I love feedback. What do you think? How can I improve? What would you like to see or read about? There are a few subjects I will shy away from due to my profession, but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting nonetheless.

And final not-too-random picture: Today I get to spend the day with almost all of these lovely ladies.

And while I am very happy to see them all I am also sad to say we will be sending one of them off on a new journey in Seattle. And she will be missed dearly.