Early to bed, early to rise.

In theory at least. Last night I was exhausto-balls. Lately I’ve been neglecting my inhaler* and my workouts have really been kicking my arse. Between the wheezing, and forgetting to make coffee yesterday morning, I knew the only cure would be sleep.

*I have exercise-induced asthma. It generally only flairs up when I run or use the stair-stepper, but lately the elliptical has been added to the list.

Unfortunately 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep did not make magic happen. Thursdays are just difficult. Between earlier than normal meetings, and back-to-back classes until 1:09, (when I get lunch), I am thrown way off my mark. I’m such a creature of habit, and even though this happens every.single.week. on Thursday, my body still can’t find balance.

Coffee didn’t help.

Pumpkin oats didn’t help.

Nanner + pb didn’t help.

And neither did my chicken, laughing cow & stone ground ‘tard sammie + apple.

I did, however, attend a pink and frilly baby shower this afternoon for a co-worker. And y’all know how much I love babies.

My Thursday threw me off, but I did manage to get a gift.

Ok, so technically my gift will come in the future, but I wasn’t sure if there were any food allergies/aversions. I wanted to make sure my co-worker got something she would actually eat.

There are only three things to cure my Thursday blues:

Deschuttes tasting at The Flying Goat with friends Erica + Nate,

The Office,

and Parks and Rec.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.

What is your cure to ease the pain of a rough day? Are you thrown off by a change to your routine?

Slacker Sunday

**this should have posted yesterday, but my computer crashed and I chose sleep over resolving the issue…

While I threw lots of love toward NEDAwareness week last week, I left what I ate on the back burner. Or in the oven too long…and over-roasted my garlic.

Blarg. I planned to do a roasting garlic tutorial today…it started out so pretty and neat.

All wrapped up…

I accidentally set my timer to 45, instead of 35, and the results weren’t pretty. These little nuggets of gold still tasted good, even if they were a tad tarnished.

I combined these with some caramelized onion, shrooms and pepperoni to add some pizzazz to my pizza.

What? You like your pizza’s to be round? Don’t you know misshapen pizza tastes so much better?

Especially if you make your own crust and sauce.

Particularly when your sleeves have hand pockets.

Other weekend shenanigans included a trip to The Flying Goat to catch up with my friend Amy.

Arugula pesto, I have no words to describe how much I love you.

Making soup…

Jimmy-rigging my shuffle so I can have more fun at the gym…

Eating oat messes…

while drinking not-so-tasty coffee…

but at least it was in my favorite mug.

I also whipped up some a tasty cold pasta salad, and green salad, to pair with the Oscars.

My sister-in-law, Kim, brought some tasty, tasty cookies. Oh store bought frosted sugar cookies, you make me weak in the knees.

While watching the Oscar’s I was impressed that the best dressed happened to be 14-year old Hailee Steinfeld.

I totally want that dress. Is it bad that I am taking fashion ques from a teenager?

And I really do not want this red number.

She clearly took the Back to the Future skit in the beginning a tad too seriously.

Who were you rooting for?

I was so thrilled for Natalie Portman, she was phenomenal in Black Swan. I haven’t seen The Kings Speech yet, but I obviously need to add that to my must-see list.


Pizza experiment

My legs are so sore. But it is the good kind of hurt. I decided to use a light traffic hallway to do 3 sets of lunges yesterday. I have a love/hate relationship with lunges. I love the way my legs lean up quickly when I incorporate them into my work out routine. I hate actually doing them, and hate that I walk like a cowgirl afterward.

I’m currently lounging in the basement thinning out my DVR, heating pad under my hamstrings. Between this and my cuppa joe I am feeling rather relaxed. The chores will have to wait.

This isn’t what I planned to do with my Saturday. I am supposed to be in Seattle visiting my friend Reese.

But the forecast predicted snow in Seattle and poor pass conditions. A lack of snow tires/chains and not having more bars in more places, contrary to what AT&T’s advertisements would have you believe, meant I was sticking in Spokane for the weekend.

Not that I haven’t filled my time with fun adventures. Yesterday’s trip to TJ Maxx was rather fruitful.

The hubs decided to make some insanely tasty pizza utilizing this high heat process. Essentially you heat a cast iron skillet on your gas range for 20 minutes, flip it upside down, quickly create your pizza and put it on the bottom flat side of the pan and pop it under the broiler for less than two minutes. This process requires at least two people, and potholders that can stand up to high heat.

Unfortunately we had a miscommunication regarding the type of dough I needed to prepare.

I made my friend Kelly’s olive oil pizza dough, which is beyond delicious. However, this cooking method needs ultra thin dough, (which I didn’t realize), and her dough is perfect for big, chewy and billowy crust.

This dough is also a tad sticky.

I’m Edward Sticky-hands.

But at least I have a cute apron.

Sauce was made with with these bomb(dot)com tomatoes.

Mmmm fresh buffalo mozz.

Our pizza was your standard margarita (tomato sauce, mozz and basil), but I don’t have any pics of ours because I was helping. But I do have Libb’s pie prep to show you.

I don’t recommend topping your pie with pepperoni when implementing this cooking process. It may cause your pie to catch on fire.

But the results taste amazing.

Oh crispy pepperoni, how I love thee.

Sibling excitement for pizza.

Now I’m eating a spinach pancake,

and an ugly bowl of greek yogurt, blueberries, oats, chia seeds and cinnamon.

But I’d much rather be eating pizza.