Guactastic Super Bowl.

First of all: PACKERS WIN!

Remember this picture?

My mom texted me saying she was pretty sure my dad was going to wear the cheese head to work tomorrow. He was born and raised in Wiscaaaaahhnsin, and is a major, major cheese head. (Yes I pronounce Wisconsin with the long ahhhh sound in the middle. No, I don’t have a Midwest accent, but I find it more fun that way.)

Guacamole can actually make me want to watch football. I know, crazy, but oh so true.

Today we hosted a few friends for Super Bowl Sunday, and between sudafed and dayquil I was feeling up for a little fun. The hubs made chips & salsa, (I promise to post the recipe soon, you will want to bathe in this salsa).

The tennis ball was passed between friends.

They were both rooting for the Packers and called a truce for today it appears.

And I made a ridiculous amount of guacamole. I pretty much followed this recipe, added cumin and pentupled it, (multiplied by five…is there a word for that? I’m calling it pentuple, even though I know that is a scientific term that does not mean multiply by five.)

Avocados were 69 cents each! And they were soft, perfect for making guac! When I giddily exclaimed this at the grocery store yesterday, the fellow next to me looked frightened and slowly backed away. Clearly he does not get as excited as I do about this green goddess fruit.

I find the easiest way to mash an avocado for guacy goodness is to cut it in half, remove the pit and squeeze directly into your bowl.

A little more green and yellow goodness…

Cilantro is a tricky beast, and unless your knife is very, very sharp it is rather difficult to chop it up without wilting the leaves. My mom taught me to bunch the cilantro together, (stems removed, which can be a real bugger), and chop with your kitchen scissors, perfect solution!

I enlisted Libb to dice up the serrano peppers.

All mixed up with love.

Cute cook in the kitchen alert.

What? I can’t call myself cute? Self love peeps, self love.

¬†We normally don’t eat until at least 7, sometimes 8, (ahem, last night it was 9:30). We consider it European style, but that wasn’t going to work tonight. The game started at 3:30 pacific time, which meant an early dinner. Like early bird special style.

Taco bar all set up.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that would be a football crock pot my friends.

Would you like your turkey taco meat with a side of sippy cup?

I decided to dish mine up taco bowl style. The lovely Anastasia cooked up a mean cheesy rice dish that served as my base. Topped with some medium salsa, turkey taco meat, bell pepper, tomato, red onion, sour cream and guac.

Holy yum.

Oh and p.s. when you party at my house I provide skittles as hors d’oeuvres.

See I knew that sparkly heart bowl would be put to good use.