Fashion Friday: TFIG!

I’ve never been more TG’d for an IF than I have this week! It was a rough one, and I thought Friday would never come. But it’s here, and I am thrilled!

This morning also started out rough, and I hit snooze a good five times before I finally accepted my fate and arose from my slumber. I contemplated skipping my elliptical date with Erica, but since I skipped Wednesday and Thursday (and felt crappy both days as a result), I decided I should just get up and go. Even though I had to shave 15 minutes off my workout, I’m glad I went. I felt refreshed and energized afterward, which set me off for a better day than had I not gone.

Although I almost died. Well, not literally, but a gal’s CHI straightening iron caught on fire at the Y this morning! While in a state of undress I noticed sparks flying all over the place, and heard a few gasps mixed with shocked screams. She wasn’t hurt too badly, but jeebus, it was nerve wracking! I was a little afraid to blow dry my hair and use my CHI afterward!

Upon arriving to work I dipped into my emergency stash of Oatfit. I completely neglected packing my breakfast and lunch last night, so I had to spend the day eating whatever I could create from my desk drawer and mini-fridge.

Not amazing, or anything even close, but it did the trick. I used to really enjoy this cheap-o, easily portable breakfast. But now that I’ve cut splenda/aspertame from my diet I really notice when it is used in products. After I finish my ridiculously large collection of Oatfit boxes I am going to only purchase non-artificial sweetener packets for my emergency stash.

Lunch was slightly more satisfying, (and I finished my pre-Lent purchased deli meat).

Pacific Organics Butternut Squash soup, turkey sammie on Thomas multi-grain English muffin (with laughing cow wedge and dijon), plus the largest apple I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and some Pellegrino. Which did add some sparkle to my afternoon, (the only festivity I had planned).

After reading a snipit in The Inlander about Agave‘s wonderful happy hour, I decided we needed to partake. I guess I did have some fun festivities up my sleeve today.

It is the happiest hour.

Agave has a 4321 menu, which includes 12 food items, 3 at each price point, ($4, $3, $2, & $1). Their drinks are also at the same price points.

The hubs was very sad he could not partake in the ancho chicken or pork belly eats, as we’ve given up meat for Lent. But I don’t think he needs to worry, we’ll definitely be back in 38 days or so.

After our friends Erica and Nate arrived, we ordered a fun assortment of appetizers…

Sweet potato fries, which originally drew me in at their $1 price!

A cheese quesadilla, which wasn’t amazing, but the tortilla’s come from DeLeon’s, which is the closest you’ll get to authentic Mexican food in Spokane.

A prickly-pear salad (with blue cheese, pears, pepitas, jicama, tomatoes, and spring greens). I will definitely be recreating this at home.

And jalapeño*-tequila edemame, which was oh so tasty.

*which was spelled jolopeno and jalopeno in a few different spots on our first menu. Our waitress swapped our menu’s out with an “updated” menu. Upon inspecting the new menu we didn’t see any foodie differences, but after I uploaded my pictures I noticed the spelling mistakes must have been the issue.

While it looks like quite a bit of food, the portions were pretty small. Not that I am complaining, you can’t expect much from the $1-4 price range. I may be whipping up some butternut squash burritos in a while….

And without further ado, here is this weeks Fashion Friday:

Monday: totally forgot to take off my badge and I still need to shine my boots.

Tuesday: I really need a new (smaller) black belt.

Wednesday’s outfit was cuter in theory than in reality.

Thursday: rockin’ those red pumps!

Friday: school spirit polka dots!

We’re about to watch Toy Story 3 🙂

What is your favorite animated film?

For me, as a kid at least, it was The Little Mermaid.

Early to bed, early to rise.

In theory at least. Last night I was exhausto-balls. Lately I’ve been neglecting my inhaler* and my workouts have really been kicking my arse. Between the wheezing, and forgetting to make coffee yesterday morning, I knew the only cure would be sleep.

*I have exercise-induced asthma. It generally only flairs up when I run or use the stair-stepper, but lately the elliptical has been added to the list.

Unfortunately 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep did not make magic happen. Thursdays are just difficult. Between earlier than normal meetings, and back-to-back classes until 1:09, (when I get lunch), I am thrown way off my mark. I’m such a creature of habit, and even though this happens every.single.week. on Thursday, my body still can’t find balance.

Coffee didn’t help.

Pumpkin oats didn’t help.

Nanner + pb didn’t help.

And neither did my chicken, laughing cow & stone ground ‘tard sammie + apple.

I did, however, attend a pink and frilly baby shower this afternoon for a co-worker. And y’all know how much I love babies.

My Thursday threw me off, but I did manage to get a gift.

Ok, so technically my gift will come in the future, but I wasn’t sure if there were any food allergies/aversions. I wanted to make sure my co-worker got something she would actually eat.

There are only three things to cure my Thursday blues:

Deschuttes tasting at The Flying Goat with friends Erica + Nate,

The Office,

and Parks and Rec.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.

What is your cure to ease the pain of a rough day? Are you thrown off by a change to your routine?

Rant-tastic Tuesday

Remember how pleased I was with myself yesterday for waking up before my alarm went off? Yeah, didn’t happen this morning. I did, however, only hit snooze once. Actually, I hit it a second time, but immediately dragged myself out of bed because I felt guilty. I also didn’t want a repeat of last week when I hit snooze four times every.single.morning. (that would be 36 minutes of extra no-sleep snoozin’)

I got my head in the game to tackle the dreadmill with half a nanner and cold coffee+almond milk. Unfortunately, last night’s brownie sat like a rock in my stomach and after 17 minutes of walking/jogging I gave up. Enter 15 minutes of leg work and 20 minutes on the recumbent bike. Much easier on the ol body.

Upon reaching the locker room I was pleased to see two showers were open. But by the time I changed out of my gym clothes and grabbed my towel, a matter of 45 seconds, two repeat offenders had entered the empty stalls…fully clothed.

This behavior really needs to be added to the gym do’s and don’ts post. I really don’t mind the fact that some people don’t want to strip down in front of others. No problem. But another person finished her shower, packed up her belongings and dried off in the amount of time it took these gals to change their clothes. Then they take extreamly long showers and I think they break another gym don’t (shaving legs…they must, what could possibly take so long?!). When I say this is a get in/get out situation, I mean it!

I got in, started/finished my shower and was packed up/dried up and out of my stall before they finished bathing (and I entered after their water was on). I found a line outside the stalls 3 people deep. Long showers at the gym = totally unacceptable.

On the no-nudey in front of people thing, fine, like I said, I don’t have a problem with that. But there are changing stalls specifically for this reason. So if they don’t want to strip down in front of others, there is a specific space where they can take their sweet time. But that isn’t the issue. These gals parade around in their birthday suits after they bathe, so really, they are just being sneaky jerks* who think their time is more important than others.

Kinda like Steve Martin.


Actually, I’ve never seen The Jerk, so I don’t know if his behavior is up to par with theirs, but I assume so.

When I saw the pile of clothes sitting outside the shower stalls I kinda wanted to grab ‘em and run.

But I didn’t.

Because I am nice. Which is a gym DO, in case you were wondering. And I did clear my conscience by lending my conditioner to the repeat offender when she mentioned she forgot hers. Another gym DO. I guess complaining about them in a blog is kind of a DON’T behavior, but I’m not at the gym right now, so it isn’t applicable.

*I could think of a more articulate phrase in which to describe the type of person who exhibits this behavior, but I don’t really feel like it. They royally pissed me off this morning.

K, unintended rant over. Normal foodie ramblings will commence now…

Upon arriving to work I assembled an un-overnight overnight oat concoction for brekkie: raw oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, thawed blueberries and an Archer Farms ff vanilla yogurt.

I’d never had Archer Farms before, but for 49 cents a pop I thought I would give them the ‘ol girl scout try. The verdict? I really liked the vanilla! I wasn’t a fan of the honey almond, however. That one tasted kinda aspartamey, but I am not entirely sure aspartame was on the ingredient list.

Lunch was a blurry* and bland sammie of roast turkey, laughing cow and english muffin, plus a side salad.

*totally left my point n shoot at home. My iPhone’s camera is craptastic.

Around 2 p.m. I had a snack attack, and I really wanted candy. I read an article this morning in my Women’s Health magazine about how we often crave sweets mid afternoon because our blood sugar drops and we should reach for fruit instead of candy and we’ll be more energized. Remembering this, I sliced up a pink lady apple.

Yeah, it might help my blood sugar levels, but it definitely didn’t trick my body out of wanting that candy. I only had a few life savers to suck on, but they totally did the trick.

A while later I was still craving sweets, and still hungry. Enter my friend, Luna.

Mmmmm seasonal flavors. Actually, I think this bad boy is in their regular rotation now.

After arriving home tonight I attempted to do a little photo shoot action with Rilo for Tina’s Blog Dogs series. Rilo did not want to cooperate!

She did give me some high fives though.

After acting as the paparazzi, Libb whipped up a mean tuna noodle casserole a la Gina’s Skinny Taste. We subbed a yellow bell pepper for the shrooms, used regular sharp cheddar instead of the reduced fat (reduced fat cheese…vomit) and didn’t add the sherry (don’t have any).

Serious yum factor.

Look at those crispy noodles!

A side salad made this meal complete.

Then it was DVR time…90210 style.


Every Monday Libb asks me yo, is there a new 90210 tonight? When the answer is yes he gets really excited. I am so pleased to have hooked my brother on such a ridiculous guilty pleasure. It makes for great sibling bonding Tuesday evenings.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure t.v. show?

Salsa chicken disaster.

Homigawd I am starving. The prunes I’m munching on are not cutting it either. (Yes, I happen to like prunes. No, I’m not 80.) I’m watching Arrested Development while I wait for my dinner to hurry up and finish cooking.

BEST.SHOW.EVER. Seen it? If you haven’t you really need to put this on your Netflix queue right away. I have been known to bust out the chicken during random events. And may have *almost* fallen into a fire once.


This weekend the lovely Anastasia informed me the Arrested Development movie is definitely on! I will be in the theater opening day, thank you very much.


The hubs opted to take the bus to work this morning (*thanks hubs!), so I wouldn’t have to deal with an extra early morning work out, driving back home, driving him to work and then driving myself to work. Just writing that sentence made me exhausted.

I really hate driving. I think it all started when I got in an accident four days after I got my license. My mom was napping and I interrupted her slumber to ask if I could borrow her car to meet my friend for lunch. After lunch I was attempting to drop my friend off at work and I pulled into a parking spot. Unfortunately my foot slipped off the brake and slammed onto the gas and I went flying over the divider between Burger King and Big O Tires. I hit another vehicle and their back end looked like my front end. It wound up costing my insurance company a pretty penny, (my bill went up before I even received the first statement in the mail), and I was scarred for life. Now I pretty much refuse to drive unless I have to. Or if there is a sale I need to scope out.

But I digress. This morning I hit the gym for my Tuesday run walk/jog. I decided my unofficial training plan would include a jog on the ol dreadmill Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and attempt an outdoor run once on the weekend. The couch to 5k program has never worked for me, so I am just making this plan up as I go. So far so good, except for the fact that I was still to Sudafeded-up to really have a good work out. After a half hour I jumped off the dreadmill to work my legs instead.

Brekkie was same ol, same ol oats (blueberry craisins, cinnamon, chia seeds, almond milk/water) and coffee…which tasted like an ash tray? Gross. Once we are out of this Kirkland House Blend I am going to be on a mission to find something locally roasted.

Are you bored with my breakfasts lately? I am.

Lunch was a repeat of last nights dinner: taco salad (turkey taco meat, bell pepper, tomato, red onion, homemade salsa, homemade guac and some colby jack cheese).

I snacked on a sad looking nanner w/decaf chia tea + ff half&half (finally threw out that nasty caramel macchiatto coffee creamer!)

I swung downtown to pick up the hubs and threw dinner in the oven: salsa chicken. We have SO MUCH salsa to use up this week! So last night I threw 3 large (Costco size) chicken breasts in a bag with 2 cups of salsa (half medium, half spicy). Tonight I threw it in a pyrex dish and into the oven it went…an hour ago. Usually this dish only takes a half hour. But due to the size of my breasts the dish took double the amount of time to bake.

What, you don’t like tasteless jokes?

Tada, by the time I finished writing this post dinner was magically ready. Ask and you shall receive I guess. Salsa chicken w/leftover cheesy rice.

I’m still starving though so I may dig into this (salted caramel chocolate!),

or this cookie a student decorated for me 🙂

Yes, I do go girl.

Medicine haze Monday.

Random thoughts filled my cloudy head today….

Does 24 Hour Sudafed contain caffeine? If not, why couldn’t I sleep last night.

Why am I so parched? Does Sudafed do that to you? Why does my water taste gross?

I wonder when I’ll get my next 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond. I could really use some more storage containers.

Why don’t we have a Container Store?

When will Trader Joe’s really open?

I wonder if I could talk the hubs into running over to World Market to pick up some more dark chocolate with sea salt.

Why have I not made my own nut butter yet?

I wonder if I could make my own Nutzo, there is no way I am spending $11.99 on a jar of nut butter.

There were more, but I’ll spare you. My head is very foggy from a combo of meds and I can’t really function.

I had to drive the hubs to work this morning because his car had to go into the shop. Long story short he left his car in his work parking garage over the weekend because it is making really loud, clanky, scary noises. He made an appointment for this morning at 7:30. He dropped the car off and walked back to work only to receive a phone call from Volvo informing him that they never ordered the part! What the fudge Volvo? So we have to wait around 5 days before the part will come in…one car + morning workouts + working on opposite sides of town = really cranky Leila.

Brekkie was a pretty standard coffee/half&half/raw sugar + oats/blueberry craisins/chia seeds mix.

Lunch consisted of some roasted red pepper & tomato soup, a side salad, some seltzer and a side of laughter.

Snackie of peach chobani + ice water, (I love that my water bottle still had a huge chunk o ice in it at 2:30 pm).

A co-worker dropped off a bunch of free brand new books from his sister, making my afternoon a whole lot brighter. Included in the mix is the 2011 Newbery Award Winner, Moon Over Manifest!

Then it was off to the gym. Uggh, I hate working out with the after work crowd. Not that I have anything against these people, I’m sure they are all very nice in another setting. But the too small parking lot + too many pieces of cardio equipment in a small space  = really cranky gym goers. Plus I am slightly claustrophobic, and after hitting elbows with the girl next to me for a half hour I was totally over it. Luckily she got off her machine before we had an elbow war and I was able to complete a full hour on the adaptive motion trainer.

After picking the hubs up halfway between his work and the Y, (volvo is not to be trusted on the roads), I quickly assembled taco salads from yesterday’s leftovers.


And maybe a few chips w/salsa and guac on the side.

Now about that dark chocolate w/sea salt…

So, tell me how you really feel.

The phrase above has been uttered to me many, many times. Apparently I have difficulty keeping my (very strong) feelings at bay.

(ahem, let me get on my soapbox for a minute, I promise I will step off soon)

This week the seventh and eighth graders started a media and advertising unit. The unit focuses on how we receive messages and why we make the choices we do. Simple enough, right? But the curriculum was lacking a little something, something. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

In my former life I worked in various marketing and public relations positions. It all started with an internship my senior year of college with The Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media (NW-ARM). While working there I spoke to student groups about the messages advertisements send us, and how to dissect them with a critical eye.

This week I let my fingers walk over to The NW-ARM’s website to see what they had in store these days. And boy did I find a lot! I was happy to provide my growing list of resources to the language arts department, and hope to be able to bring one of the speakers to our school.

One of the main reasons I decided to go into teaching was to help children gain self-esteem. If children are told no, or your wrong, or you can’t, too often or too young they will have big obstacles to face throughout their educational and personal lives. Low self-esteem is built from many negative messages, some driven by friends or family and some via the media. With our society so bombarded by media messages at every turn it is no wonder why kids often have a hard time determining what is right, wrong and how to make intelligent decisions.

I spent a great amount of time in my undergrad* years researching the effects of media message and the role they play in our society. I figured the best way to re-direct my negative energy (toward myself, my eating habits, my body and my weight) was to educated myself. The more I learned about the harmful side-effects, (in all areas of my life), the more I wanted to push those negative feelings away. Naturally I dove into this project with excited eyes and ears.

*I majored in Applied Communications and minored in Sociology, needless to say I was VERY interested in the subject matter. In fact my Senior Thesis focused on popular female magazines and the negative impact they have on women, (a very abbreviated version of the actual title).

Here are a few (very, very short list) of my findings…

About Face: the truth behind advertising

Best and worst offenders

Media Awareness

Media Education Foundation

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

How to write a complaint letter about an ad           

Finding Advertisements Game (geared at 4-6th grade students, and is very introductory)

Interested in promoting National Eating Disorders Awareness Week? (Feb 6-12 or 20-26, depending on your area) click here!

 Articles of interest:

In a World of Ads, Teaching the Young How to Read Them

Unraveling new media’s effects on children

Media and Girls

Consumerism – Protecting Children from Advertising

There are many, many more articles citing the negative impact media and advertising have on children and our culture as a whole, and while I know all of this to be true, why do I still buy into it? I try not to, yet I get sucked into asinine shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, (true story), and find myself poring over swimsuit pictures in US Weekly getting upset that I don’t have the perfect stomach/thighs/arms.

Why do you think this is? Why do we do this to ourselves? Comparing ourselves to models/celebrities/what we think the norm is even though we know it really isn’t?



Click it, you know you want to
Forgive me, I can’t embed youtube clips into my post unless I do them as just a youtube post, sigh.

(Thanks for the vent, stepping off soap box now and resuming normal ramblings…)

So do you want to know how my day went aside from that?

Brekkie was pretty normal: oats with almond milk/water, chia seeds and dried apricots.

Lunch was a bland salad (literally just spring greens, spinach and dressing) with some leftover Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup + mozz.

Snackies consisted of a nanner,

some peanut butter topped crackers w/theraflu, (yum…),

and lots and lots of Hall’s cough drops, with inspirational messages!

Thanks Hall’s, I can conquer the world now.

The hubs decided he was so over soup, (we have Bob’s Red Mill Vegi, Homemade Chicken Noodle and Pacific Organics Roasted Red Pepper/Tomato in the fridge at the moment).  Clearly we needed to spend a little of this months restaurant budget on some pizza, courtesy of Pizza Rita, our favorite local delivery place.

Honestly, I really just want to eat everyone’s crust. Their crust is buttery & crispy deliciousness….ahhh

Now we’re all gathered in the basement watching a little movie action, Rilo included.

Love yourself today. And tomorrow.

Five Hundred February Challenge.

First things first: my hair cut/color



Front…my co-worker wanted me to “strike a pose!” so I did…


Arrgh, why can I never do my bangs as well the following day? Sigh.

You know those girls who look effortlessly beautiful when they arrive at the gym at 6 a.m.? All bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to run? I am not one of those girls. I show up with creases on my face from my pillow and the remnents of Mr. Sandman’s visit still in the crooks of my eyes. It isn’t a pretty sight. But I do manage to get on the treadmill nonetheless and get my butt into gear.

This morning I pounded out 2.38 miles in 30 minutes, (still slow, but .2 miles more than I went last week, so I’ll take it!), plus a little leg action afterward. I really need to start doing squats/lunges again, but the Y doesn’t have a great area to do these things. So I’m always lazy and just use the assisted machines instead.

My brekkie was coffee w/raw sugga and half&half and oats w/almond milk/water, dried apricots, blueberry craisins, cinnamon and chia seeds.

My snail got some SUN 🙂

Lunch was leftover santa fe chicken w/quinoa and an apple.

Snackies of peppermint tea, veggies and a laughing cow.

Dinner is cooking as I type: Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup is on the stove,

La Brea Rosemary Olive Oil bread is in the oven,

and I am about to make a simple salad with this.

And I found these new skittles today while I was picking up some mozz to top our soup with.

I’m pretty excited about that watermelon green apple freeze one 🙂

But on to the Five Hundred February Challenge.

Have I mentioned I love food?

Yeah, I thought so. Have I also mentioned I spend entirely too much money at the grocery store? Have you seen how often I go to Costco? Jeebus. While I love the convenience of a debit card, it is so easy to swipe that piece of plastic and walk away with fun ingredients I never knew I needed.

The hubs and I decided to do something fun for spring break, and as a result I’ve imposed a challenge on our budget: $500 total can be spent on food and drink, ($300 grocery/$200 restaurant), during the month of February. And yes, those skittles count (and are totally necessary) in the $300 grocery budget.

This may not seem like restraining the purse strings to some, but we do have three adults in our house and Libb eats like he is going through a growth spurt. But due to our thrice-monthly trips to Costco we have an abundance of frozen protein, (ground turkey, chicken breast and thighs, steak, cod, mahi mahi and salmon), veggies and bread to be consumed. Since February is the shortest month, I think we can handle the challenge!

Essentially all we really need to purchase is milk, half&half, almond milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit. I’m fairly positive we can do this at $75 a week.

I wanted to do a month of freezer cooking for February, but cleaning out the freezer works just as well. Plus I don’t even have room in my freezer right now to add freezer meals!

Currently, I’m busy building my menu, and I am pretty excited about it.

So, who’s with me?