Quick and Easy [#lactation] Breakfast Cookies

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I’m on summer break for a few more weeks, and while that used to mean I could sleep in and recipe test as I pleased, it now means wake-up on G’s schedule and stumble to the kitchen for coffee STAT. Bonus points if I already have breakfast ready.

During the school year I perfected the no-added sugar lactation breakfast cookie to eat while I pumped before work. I still make these each time I have browning bananas, and omit the chocolate chips for  Genevieve’s half of the batch. I love them, she loves them, and Rilo doesn’t mind vacuuming up the pieces that fall on the floor.

[Lactation] Breakfast Cookies

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 9.57.46 AM

Ingredients vary – you can make these no matter how many browned bananas you have.

1/2 cup quick cook oatmeal per 1 banana –  I usually wait until I have 5 bananas, and 2.5 cups oats.

1/4 tsp cinnamon per banana

1/4 tsp vanilla per banana

1/2 tsp chia seeds per banana (not required)

1/2 tsp flax seed per banana (not required)

1 tsp brewers yeast per banana (omit if you don’t want lactation cookies)

1 TBS chocolate chips per banana (omit for baby cookies)


Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 9.58.40 AM

Preheat oven to 350. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Mash bananas and add all other ingredients. Mix well.

Scoop mixture with 1/3 cup measuring cup and flatten into a cookie shape. Bake for 18 minutes. Once cooled a bit, cut parchment paper and stack on a container. Store in fridge for up to 1 week.


What is your favorite way to use browning bananas?

Last WIAW of the school year!

Happy Wednesday y’all! Have a hankering for pizza? Check out my review of South Perry Pizza on Foodbeat NW!

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W #1


My oh my am I slacking on my workouts! Specifically, I’m having a terrible time motivating myself to run. In fact, I skipped my long run this weekend and instead went on an enjoyable hike through Riverside State Park with the hubs and pup instead. It was pretty beautiful. But I need to get back on the bandwagon and get my bootay in gear, otherwise I am going to be miserable during my half marathon. Boo!


My eating is all over the place. We hit up The Flying Goat 3 days in a row last week. Ummm, yeah. I also had the aforementioned McDonalds and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I’m still not eating any candy, but I’m not eating healthy by any stretch of the imagination. When I get stressed, I eat. I’m trying to focus on running and strength training to get the extra amped up energy to release itself, but it isn’t working.


I’m feeling pretty lethargic to be honest. I had some blood tests run a few days ago, and am hoping to hear back soon. I’m assuming nothing to be alarmed about, but things are all sorts of off lately. So aside from that, I know if I focus on the above to areas a tad more, this area will fall into place.


Today’s meals are totally not going to be photographed. After today there is only 1 day (3 hours, actually, not even a full-day) left in the 2010-2011 school year, and I know I won’t have time to photograph anything I eat. Will I even have time to eat? Thank goodness for Larabars!

So instead, you get Weekend eats today. Weekend eats are much prettier (and often more enjoyable) than work-day eats, wouldn’t you agree?

Saturday breakfast:

Pumpkin pie oatmeal: oats, vanilla, cinnamon, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, 2 TBS canned pumpkin, 2 TBS raisins, 2 TBS pecans

Saturday Lunch:

Cantelope, dill pickle spears and a black forest ham sammie on carmelized onion rye bread I picked up at the Spokane Public Market this weekend 🙂

Seltzer spiked with frozen pineapple chunks and fresh pineapple sage from our, (ahem, The Hubsgarden. Really. I have a black thumb) garden.

Lunchtime reads:

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown. I finished it, but it was a difficult read.

Dinner (all grilled by The Hubs)

Lemon mustard grilled salmon on a cedar plank

Grilled Romanze potatoes, picked up at the farmers market that morning, tossed with olive oil, s&p, green onions and chives from our garden.

Interlude for a little movie action.


And a little Flying Goat snackage afterward:

Housemade A Street Chips with Murray Salt and Vinegar

And some of this may, or may not, have been consumed.



What is the best thing you ate today?

I’ve got spirit

yes I do

I’ve got spirit

how ’bout you!?!

Today I relieved my high school cheerleading career* and cheered on the students in the staff vs. student basketball game.

Complete with a real middle school cheerleading uniform, say waaaaaa!?! (note the obnoxiously large sequined bow. also note the pasty skin in desperate need of some sun).

Yes, I really am that awesome. I did, however, come to the painful realization that I am no longer as limber as I was at 17, and kicks and jumps were not as high as they once were. I am also in need of an ice pack.

Yes, you want me cheering for your team. Look at my energy! (don’t worry, all individuals pictured are staff, not students)

*my career lasted one year, but it was tons of fun.

At one point there was even a flash mob. All week the staff tirelessly trained to pull together this fun surprise for the students. It was a blast.

While I did rock the middle school cheerleading uniform. I didn’t wear it all day.

And on that note, here is your Fashion Friday update

Monday (holy blur, sorry about that)

Cardi: Banana Republic, Shirt: Tommy Hillfiger, Pants: The Limited (Drew fit), shoes: Jessica Simpson wedges


Scarf: The Rack, top: Ralph Lauren, tank: Lady Hathaway via Costco (can Costco pleeeeease start carrying these again?), pants: Express, shoes: Naturalizer (and I totally forgot my socks in gym bag, grr!)


Sweater: Mossimo at Target, skirt: Express, tights: HUE (my favorite!), boots: Impo at DSW (and they have stretch in them – perfect for fitting over jeans! Or, ya know, large calf muscles.)


Sweater: Mossimo at Target, short sleeve blazer thing: JKLA from Ross, Pants: Express, Shoes: Naturalizer


Cardi: Halogen, polka dot top: The Rack, belt: ?, from The Rack, jeans: 7 for all Mankind, shoes: Sam & Libby (the pic where I was looking at the camera was even more blurry. Woops!)

After the staff vs. student basketball game I was all hyped up and ready to do something fun, like take a nap. But today was both payday and new coupon day at Costco. After a quick trip for the necessities the hubs and I came home to find dinner ready. I think I will make the Monday Meal Plan to designate Libb to make Friday meals from now on!

On tonight’s menu: Black Bean Polenta Casserole

We subbed a can of diced green chiles for the bell pepper, (all we had), and a mixture of pepperjack and cheddar instead of just cheddar.

Mmmm melty cheese + black beans.

This recipe was chalk full of Leila friendly ingredients: cheese, polenta, onions, cumin…however, when we make it again I would mix everything together instead of layering the dish. Libb, of course, wanted to add bacon into the mix.

Earlier eats included a 2% vanilla bean latte from the Service Station, conveniently located inside my gym. My deal with myself is that if I make it to the gym all 5 workdays then I treat myself to Latte Friday. I’m proud to say I made it all 5 this week!

I paired my latte with dark chocolate oats. Yes, you read that correctly. Better Oats makes a dark chocolate mixture called Lavish. I got a little overzealous at the last Rosauers cereal sale and stocked up on these bad boys, only to discover they weren’t as amazing as I had hoped. Luckily, if you add a dollop of peanut butter the oats are reminiscent of a no-bake cookie (a.k.a. elephant poop), and that makes me very happy. The cookie, not the poop.

For lunch I enjoyed another 50% off Amy’s meal!

This pasta was delicious! I really need to figure out the correct spice to tomato ratio for Amy’s sauce. It was, dare I say, perfect. Amy never lets me down. My side of apple slices just couldn’t compete, and were therefore not photographed.

Or, ya know, I forgot my camera when I went to lunch.

Snacks included your standard nanner and another amazing scone.

Seriously, 6 days later and these scones are still just amazing as day one. Yes, I individually wrapped them and froze them, but a lot of the time when I defrost my baked goods they lose their moisture. Not these babies. So, please, do yourself a favor and make these scones.

I’m currently watching a little BBC Life action (insects & bugs), and trying to rest my poor legs. I wonder if I can book a last minute massage for tomorrow morning…

What exercise goal did you accomplish this week?

Did you try a new recipe this week? How did it turn out?

Because you had a bad day…

***Although this totally breaks up the whole song-lyric thing I’ve got going on, I wanted to let you know I have a guest post on Body Image over on Running-Foodie – check it out! And check out Megan’s blog, I love it and was thrilled to write a guest post for her!***

You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around

Today did not go as planned. Not one bit. I hit snooze for an hour. An HOUR!

This didn’t deter me from going to the gym, but it did take a very large chunk out of my planned weight lifting session. But, half a work out is better than no work out.

As I stumbled to the bathroom, phone in hand as an impromptu flashlight, I inadvertantly called one of my besties from high school. I didn’t realize this until I heard the voice mail system’s automated woman letting me know my voice mail had been sent.

Sorry Lackie, I apologize for any unap-pee-ling noises you may have heard when you checked our messages.

After my lackluster work out, and lukewarm shower, I slammed my head into the corner of the paper towel dispenser. At this point it was 7:36 a.m. and I really wished I could go back to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

Upon arriving at work I realized I forgot my breakfast. I was really, really bummed about it. I even set myself an “appointment” on my phone, with an alert to remind me 11 minutes after my alarm, (knowing I would hit snooze at least once). But since I hit snooze a ridiculous amount of times, I saw the alert and dismissed it.


So I had a bad day. And I’m taking one* down. But I sang a happy song to turn it around. Don’t Worry, Be Happy to be precise.

*One of what, exactly?

My day steadily improved after that.

Thank goodness for my emergency stash of oats!

I served ’em up in a big o’l mug, which only made me realize how small the serving actually was 😦

Later on, I snacked on some Turkish apricots. I always buy the regular dried apricots, but after tasting these babies I will never go back – delish!

For lunch I polished off the tail end of my Pacific Organics Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato soup with a salad.

Sadly, I always confuse the ingredients in this soup with those in their Butternut Squash soup. This box contains milk, and I neglected to pop a few lactaid pills 😦

Throughout the afternoon I was snack-happy.

By 7:20 p.m. I was really excited to eat dinner. Libb whipped up this vegan black eyed peas recipe, which I un-veganized by adding parmesan cheese.

The dish had a tad of sweetness, which was pleasant, but it was missing something that none of us could quite put our finger on. Well, the boys added bacon, but that wasn’t it.

On the side I enjoyed a side-salad with ranch dressing. I haven’t eaten a salad with ranch in ages, but it really hit the spot!

I am so full right now, (fiber overload!), but I still kind of want some skittles…

Don’t forget to check out my guest post on Running-Foodie!


On average, how many times do you hit the snooze button?


Everybody dance now.

Guess who chose an alarm that was only reoccurring on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings?

That would be me.

Guess who wishes she wasn’t celebrating the Zags win last night as much as she did?

Also me.

Guess who wasn’t organized in normal-fashion this morning?

Still me.

Oatfit again made its presence known for breakfast.

Chobani followed soon after.

For lunch I brought what I thought was a bean, rice, veggie and cheese burrito, only to discover chicken was an ingredient as well. Sonofab. March Madness, I blame you.

Luckily I had a can of soup stashed on my shelf for such emergencies.

It wasn’t amazing or anything, in fact it was rather sweet, but it did fill me up.

On the side I had a multi-grain english muffin with a laughing cow wedge.

Later on I snacked on an apple, prepping myself for the madness that is chaperoning a middle school dance.

We have a school rule that students cannot attend the dances if they have any unpaid library fines or overdue books. You would be amazed how many books I received back today. Amazed. And amazed by the number of parents who left work to go home, find said books, and bring them to school. Wow.

Since the dance was St. Patty’s themed, I figured that even though the day when everyone is Irish has passed, I could still show you a picture of that Reuben Maddness bracket I told y’all about on Wednesday.

Cute, no? I nabbed the paper before it hit the recycling bin just so I could get a photo for y’all. Or maybe just for myself, because I find a food bracket to be quite pleasing.

I arrived home a short while ago and immediately started snacking on my adzuki bean chips.

I’m contemplating what to do about dinner. Middle school dances exhaust me, I kind of want to order take-in, but I can only think of pizza as an option. Hmmm…

While I decide what I’m going to do, here’s your fashion Friday installment for the week.

Monday was way cuter in my head.

Tuesday was all about the comfort


Thursday, everyone loves an Irish girl.

Friday, school spirit style.

In non-foodie related news, my friend Amy is starting student teaching on Monday. Nerve-wracking! I know there are quite a few teachers who read my blog, so if you are one what is your number one piece of advice for student teaching

Mine is: Be consistent – with everything! Remember, you aren’t their friend, you’re their teacher. If they get upset with you for being an enforcer of classroom rules/expectation they are really just upset with themselves, don’t take it personally!



Go zags!

Oh Thursday, I detest you.

Seven forty-five a.m. meetings really cramp my style. You would think needing to arrive at work a whopping fifteen minutes earlier than normal wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But for some reason my body just doesn’t want to cooperate.

No, scratch that, not my body, my mind. Every Wednesday night I pack my gym bag, and every Thursday morning I skip the gym. Last night I was determined to go. This morning I awoke to my alarm at the normal 5:04 a.m. harp tune, hit snooze twice, and tried to talk myself into going to the gym. I decided a mental pro-con list might help.


  • Probably won’t get any more sleep between now and 6:15 a.m.
  • The hubs is snoring.
  • I already have my gym bag packed.
  • I won’t have to take turns in front of the bathroom mirror.
  • Thirty minutes of exercise is better than none.
  • Coffee is already brewed, and ready for my contigo. If I wait it will taste burnt from sitting on the burner too long.
  • I get ready much more efficiently at the gym than I do at home.
  • I will feel better afteward.


  • My bed is sooooo warm and comfy!

Ummm that is all I had for a con. And, sadly, that con would usually trump all my pros. But today I pushed my con aside, and forced myself to get out of my oh-so-comfortable bed and hit the gym for a little jogging action.

I knocked out 2.36 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill. Not too shabby, (for me, I am suuuuuuuper slow, so for me, that is awesome). However, I realized that I only have 6 weeks and 3 days until Bloomsday. The furthest I’ve run in my “training” is 3 miles. Three miles. And it is a 12K. I am in no way ready to be a participant!

Crap. (Not to be confused with runners trots.)

So I’m determined to find a six week 12K program to get my bootay in gear. No more of this laissez faire, run when I feel like it, I’m totally fine attitude.

Post gym I ate a packet of oatfit and a chobani, with coffee on the side, of course.

Then I had the most fabulous salad: spinach, roasted red bell pepper, craisins, goat cheese, sweet onion, and homemade dressing,

and look what I found inside, a 3-leaf clover!

It isn’t 4 leaves, but that has to be good luck, right?!

I also gobbled up the excess of my quinoa stuffed bell pepper mixture.

Later on I snacked on a nanner,

and some macadamia nut hershey’s kisses from my co-worker, who just returned from Hawaii, (lucky duck!).

And I also rocked a green halo all day.

After leaving work on time(!!!), I took off through the woods,

and to Grandmother’s house The Flying Goat I went.

I enjoyed quite a few treats,

tried to take in-focus pictures,

(oh wait, there we go),

and cheered on my zags.


Oh, and by the way, we won. Thankyouverymuch. Saturday, I am anxiously awaiting your presence.

Do you watch college basketball? Which team are you rooting for in the NCAA tournament?



Yesterday I did not blog about how much I hate daylight savings time. I’m sure you saw enough of that on your facebook feed. Or maybe you were the complainer. But don’t worry, I share the same sentiment. However, yesterday the gym was pure heaven, hardly anyone was there!  I smirked my way through my workout, thinking about how I was getting my sweat on while they were all sleeping in. Lazy bums. But then I had to eat my smirk, because today DST kicked my arse, and I totally skipped my workout.

Snooze, snooze, snooze….reset alarm….force myself out of bed, pour coffee and hit the road. Caffeine and oatmeal fueled my morning.

old fashioned oats, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, raisins, cinnamon

By lunch my B-6 vitamin finally entered my system. This fabulous salad of spinach, goat cheese, onion, tomato, bell pepper, craisins and homemade dressing helped too.

Plus an apple and some butternut squash soup.

During my late library night I snacked on a nanner, some honey-nana chobani yogurt (which is very sweet, I don’t think I’ll purchase again), and some decaf tea.

And then I decided to check out The Chill Spot, a fro-yo place that if I take a certain route just happens to be on my way home. Funny how that happens.

Upon entering the Chill Spot I discovered it was a self-serve situation. Score!

The Chill Spot offers 8 YoCream, (out of Portland, OR), flavors on tap. They also allow you to taste all of their flavors with mini tasting cups. YoCream has non-dairy, low-fat and sugar-free options as well. Here is a complete list of the rotating flavors + nutritional information.

Also available – a plethora of toppings, all self-serve too!

Options range from your standard fruits, candy bars, syrups to toasted coconut and low-fat granola. And the best part? The price! The Chill Spot weighs your concoction, and you pay 39 cents per ounce. Not too shabby.

Around the corner from the yogurt bar was a fun kiddie station complete with toys, coloring books and foodie magazines.

Okay, it was totally a Leila station. I foresee lazy summer afternoons, sitting on their patio, eating froyo and partaking in a little coloring action so I too can grace their wall’o’art.

All that coloring within the lines? Ya, adults totally were coloring, totally.

And let’s be honest, I’ll probably color on their faux-chalkboard too.

I exited the store with a pecan, vanilla and peanut butter fro-yo topped with cookie dough.

It is currently sitting in my freezer, waiting for post-dinner consumption. I made a chocolate/peanut butter + oreo bowl for the hubs, and Libb requested vanilla with 5 toppings.

Oh and when I got home I was greeted  with a care package from my mom including a super cute honey dispenser, fun forgive me I zinned magnet, her samples from Estee Lauder, (which she always gives me, and I love – I was totally in need of new mascara!), and LACTAID!

My Costco stopped carrying Lactaid, and I was one unhappy camper. When I inquired about the lack of lactose enzymes the Costco employee told me they might get some back during “ice cream season” in the summer. Like being lactose intolerant is a seasonal issue. Ummmm, no. So I started the hunt: Target was out, Fred Meyer was out, even Wal-Mart was out! I braved Wal-Mart and they didn’t provide any stomach comfort!

Mom and Dad to the rescue! Their Costco still sells these magical pills that allow me to consume dairy without any all of the side-effects.

After a quick debate about which leftover we would consume, we settled on taco’s for Tuesday. It isn’t Yakima style, but it works.

Tortillas filled with tomato, onion, black beans, diced green chiles, corn, cilantro and plain fage Greek yogurt.

Now about that froyo in the freezer…