A day late, a dollar short.

I had a fabulous time frolicking in Minnesota with my lovely college pals, Veronika and Ali.

This, of course, delayed my normal weekend routines. One of which, is one of my favorite past times: meal planning. Nerd alert!

I came home to discover The Hubs had taken it upon himself to create this week’s meal plan. Thanks Hubs!

Sunday: grilled chicken ceasar salad

Monday:  Insane in the membrane [turkey] burgers + kale chips

Tuesday: pasta (see below)

Wednesday: French Dips (a la crockpot, recipe forthcoming)

Thursday: South Perry Pizza & a trip to the South Perry Farmer’s Market opening day!

Friday: Leftover french dips

Saturday: wild card – help me choose! What is your favorite weekend recipe?

And back to that pasta…I’ve had this bad boy* in the pantry for a few months.

And aside from making cilantro pesto, I didn’t have a clue what to do with it. I decided to whip up a Veronika inspired (i.e. cook pasta with wine) dish. Sadly, it was a big flop, or rather a big sticky mess. I think I needed more olive oil, or more wine, or both? I’m not really sure, but a quick glance at Pappardelle’s website hinted at where I had gone wrong: no cream! The sauce I made is very, very similar to this recipe off their website. I don’t have any heavy cream in the fridge, but I think I may make this sauce in the future.

The process and aftermath, however, were rather pretty. So I’ll leave you with a few pasta pictures to get your mouth watering.



Yes, the pasta really is this yellow.

*Pappardelle’s can be found in Spokane at The French Quarter, which is not listed in their locations section.

What is your favorite weekend meal? What should I cook for my wild card Saturday (carb heavy, due to 1/2 Marathon training)?

Now and Then.

Remember that movie?


I was 12 and totally in love with Devin Sawa.

Now I’m sipping on some coffee,

and menu planning for the week.

And trying to figure out a way to get this,

and this

on the menu without groans from my meat-lovin’ fellas.

Then I was nibblin’ on awesome hummus,

at The MAC for BeGin, where the drink tickets were as cute as a button!

Help save the MAC!

The current exhibits are all about women.

I think I belong in the 50’s, but instead of feeding the kids early and sending them to bed, we’ll feed Libb early and send him to bed.

I tried a few times to get a good shot of these wall decals, but couldn’t 😦

I really want this green dress.

I’m glad bikes are no longer built this way.

E and I showing off our fun hobo clutches.

After we were (politely) kicked out of The MAC at closing, we hit Hill’s for a late dinner.

First up: beer battered shrooms.

I wasn’t super impressed with the shrooms, but the dipping sauce was tasty, tasty.

My main course was their reuben.

Again, sadly, I wasn’t too impressed. The corn beef was rather tasty, but my “salad” was still wet from washing. Thus resulting in soggy bread 😦

The hubs had their Elk burger.

Everything was okay, but I think we’ll wait to go back until Summer when we can partake in their roof-top garden grown ingredients.

Back to now…I’ve got a busy Saturday including birthday shopping for Libb, shopping for snowboarding attire (I’m taking lessons tomorrow…yikes!) and the zags game tonight! What are your Saturday plans?