Happy 4th of July!

I had a wonderful holiday weekend, how ’bout you?

Friday we enjoyed the company of Annie and Brendan, along with their son, Beckim, and her brother, Rob. Annie and Brendan attended Law school with the hubs, and even though they live in Seattle, we haven’t seen them since our wedding in 2008!

The Hubs grilled up a local leg o lamb, which was bombdiggity.

He also helped Beckim feed the chickens. Who later bit him. He walked around with his finger out saying “chicken bit me,” all night. It was sad, but adorable at the same time.

It was wonderful catching up, and we vowed not to let three years pass by without a visit again.

Moving forward, Melanie, SIL#3*, and her daughter, Natalie, were in town for the long weekend, so it was perfect timing for Alison’s, SIL#2, baby shower.

Cousinly love

This was our first time meeting our niece, Natalie! She is already 15 months, but we haven’t been able to get down to San Diego due to work obligations, so it was great to finally meet her. We hope to go down to San Diego in August to see the entire family.

All the siblings haven’t been together since Kimberly’s, SIL#4, wedding in 2009. We gathered together for a girls shot, but neglected to take the sibling shot with the hubs.

Me, Angie, Adelia, Alison, Kimberly, Theresa, Natalie & Melanie

I’ll try to photoshop him in for my mother-in-law later 🙂

Later that night, Angie’s husband, John, provided a professional quality firework display. My photos, however, are not up to par.

Sunday evening the hubs gave me an early birthday present.*

*My birthday is tomorrow.

Heaven! Too bad you can’t immediately make ice cream! I had to store the bowl in the back of my freezer for 15 hours.  But it was worth the wait. Today I whipped up a batch of mint tuxedo* mint ice cream! Holy yum!

*Tuxedos are Safeway’s version of the much more expensive Oreo.

Rilo was also given an early birthday present. I have no idea when her birthday is, as she was a pound puppy, but I thought she deserved a treat all the same. She immediately fell in love with her bright pink hippo wubby, and has been cuddling with it all weekend.

She’s also in for a 4th of July treat: Red, White and Blueberry dog food.

We enjoyed some Hawaiian salsa topped fish taco salad,

and mint tuxedo mint ice cream. As Jen says, you are what you eat, so eat pretty! Cheers!

What did you do to celebrate the 4th of July?