I’m Going Dairy Free…

and I’m not excited about it.


I’m lactose intolerant, but with the help of Lactaid I am able to eat dairy whenever I please with very little repercussion. Unfortunately, Lactaid doesn’t break down lactose as it passes through my breast milk, it only breaks it down for my digestive system. During pregnancy I was concerned that Genevieve might be lactose intolerant, and now that she’s been in our lives for a little over a month my concern hasn’t gone away. She has symptoms that don’t indicate a dairy allergy, (or any other food allergy), but do indicate she might be sensitive to something. The only way to find out what is by eliminating food sources from my diet and then reintroducing them to find the culprit. The most common is dairy, and given my sensitivity it seems like the natural place to start.


And I am really bummed about it. It is really easy to cut out obvious sources, (easy as in I can easily identify them, not easy as in I really like cheese, yogurt, and half-n-half in my coffee!). It is less than easy to cut out non-obvious sources. When reading labels I have to look for whey, calcium lactate, lactic acid, and casein. There might be other ingredients I need to avoid as well, I’m not sure. It is rather overwhelming!

So yesterday I attempted my first dairy-free day and failed miserably!


My breakfast of oats, raisins, pecans, chia seeds, pumpkin butter, and almond milk was great. Adding almond milk to my coffee instead of half-n-half was gross. My lunch appeared to be dairy free: a pear and a salami/avocado sandwich on an English muffin. But I later realized there was dairy in the English muffin. Dinner was a delicious chili that my sister-in-law made for her adorable pinterest inspired Halloween party.

I even had my hot chocolate with hot water instead of milk. But then I had a fun-size Butterfinger…and only after it was consumed did I think about the fact that there was milk in the chocolate coating. #fail


Yesterday I also hit up a local grocery chain that has a lot of dairy free and gluten free options and purchased dairy free coffee creamer, coconut milk plain yogurt (to use in place of sour cream), vegan parm cheese substitute, vegan mozz substitute, and coconut milk ice cream.  But I totally forgot to buy Earth Balance for a butter substitute. Oi! Back to the grocery store today!

I obviously need to do a better job of reading labels. And hopefully Genevieve will nap long enough for me to make some dairy-free dinners, (since nearly all of my freezer meal stash is dairylicious).

And here is where I need your help:

What are your favorite dairy-free items at the grocery store, dairy-free recipes, and dairy free blogs?