Five Hundred February Challenge.

First things first: my hair cut/color



Front…my co-worker wanted me to “strike a pose!” so I did…


Arrgh, why can I never do my bangs as well the following day? Sigh.

You know those girls who look effortlessly beautiful when they arrive at the gym at 6 a.m.? All bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to run? I am not one of those girls. I show up with creases on my face from my pillow and the remnents of Mr. Sandman’s visit still in the crooks of my eyes. It isn’t a pretty sight. But I do manage to get on the treadmill nonetheless and get my butt into gear.

This morning I pounded out 2.38 miles in 30 minutes, (still slow, but .2 miles more than I went last week, so I’ll take it!), plus a little leg action afterward. I really need to start doing squats/lunges again, but the Y doesn’t have a great area to do these things. So I’m always lazy and just use the assisted machines instead.

My brekkie was coffee w/raw sugga and half&half and oats w/almond milk/water, dried apricots, blueberry craisins, cinnamon and chia seeds.

My snail got some SUN 🙂

Lunch was leftover santa fe chicken w/quinoa and an apple.

Snackies of peppermint tea, veggies and a laughing cow.

Dinner is cooking as I type: Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup is on the stove,

La Brea Rosemary Olive Oil bread is in the oven,

and I am about to make a simple salad with this.

And I found these new skittles today while I was picking up some mozz to top our soup with.

I’m pretty excited about that watermelon green apple freeze one 🙂

But on to the Five Hundred February Challenge.

Have I mentioned I love food?

Yeah, I thought so. Have I also mentioned I spend entirely too much money at the grocery store? Have you seen how often I go to Costco? Jeebus. While I love the convenience of a debit card, it is so easy to swipe that piece of plastic and walk away with fun ingredients I never knew I needed.

The hubs and I decided to do something fun for spring break, and as a result I’ve imposed a challenge on our budget: $500 total can be spent on food and drink, ($300 grocery/$200 restaurant), during the month of February. And yes, those skittles count (and are totally necessary) in the $300 grocery budget.

This may not seem like restraining the purse strings to some, but we do have three adults in our house and Libb eats like he is going through a growth spurt. But due to our thrice-monthly trips to Costco we have an abundance of frozen protein, (ground turkey, chicken breast and thighs, steak, cod, mahi mahi and salmon), veggies and bread to be consumed. Since February is the shortest month, I think we can handle the challenge!

Essentially all we really need to purchase is milk, half&half, almond milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit. I’m fairly positive we can do this at $75 a week.

I wanted to do a month of freezer cooking for February, but cleaning out the freezer works just as well. Plus I don’t even have room in my freezer right now to add freezer meals!

Currently, I’m busy building my menu, and I am pretty excited about it.

So, who’s with me?