Guest Post: Carly Love!

Hi everyone. I’m enjoying a wonderful weekend with my best gals from college. Today’s guest post is from Carly, of Carly Love. I’ve been reading Carly’s blog for a few months now, and I love it. She reminds me of myself 🙂 Carly just picked up her life and is on an adventurous journey with her main squeeze. To find out what I mean, read more on her blog. And enjoy her post below!


Hi everyone! My name is Carly and I blog over at Carlylove, where I talk about life, love, and all the speed bumps and adventures along the way!

I was thrilled when Leila asked me to write a guest post for her! Although I write about my life of LOVE, I definitely did not always have such a positive spin on life, and didn’t have an ounce of love for the most important person in my life: me.

This pretty much sums up how I used to feel about myself!

As a teenager and young adult, I struggled with disordered eating, a skewed perception of my body and self, and some serious negative talk.

After getting help with my Eating Disorder, I still struggled with the task of loving myself. Not only was this the more difficult task to master, it was the most important; how can you enjoy life living every day hating yourself?

I wish I had a formula for how to love yourself, but it is a personal journey, and there is no clear way there. I do however have a few reasons WHY you should love yourself.

1. You wake up every morning with a choice: love yourself or hate yourself. It’s YOUR choice! It takes more energy to hate yourself, so start loving yourself and use that energy to pick up a new hobby! You might even discover you’re good at something 😉


2. Think about the reason you don’t love yourself. For me, I was angry at myself for not being skinny enough. Take whatever reason is holding you back and make a plan. How can you stop focusing on the negative or the “problem”? Since my weight was my issue, I stopped weighing myself and tuned into how I feel! Would you tell your best friend that they were fat/stupid/ugly/not good enough? Probably not, so don’t talk that way about yourself!


3. As cliche as it may sound, you ARE awesome! Stop comparing your deficits to other people and start recognizing how many unique attributes you have, no matter how small they may be. You’ll see, you’re a pretty awesome and unique person.

4. Because once you start loving yourself, others will follow! Awesome attracts awesome! It’s just a law of physics.

What’s something you do to love yourself?


Thanks Carly! Carly’s journey is very similar to my own, and I know how difficult it can be to see yourself in a positive life. Right now my therapy is running. I never thought I would say it, but the endorphin rush is killer! Running gives me a sense of pride and some major body confidence!

New and Improved! Weigh in Wednesday

Wow, haven’t had one of these in a while!

If you’re new to the blog (hi!) you may have noticed a Weigh-in Wednesday tab at the top. You may have also noticed that it promptly stops on Week 10, when I discussed the scale, the thin ideal and why I was giving up weighing myself for one month. Turns out I enjoyed NOT weighing so much (after a few anxiety striken days, mind you) that it has now been 8 weeks. Last week I discussed how much better I feel now that I am not weighing myself daily on my Running Foodie guest post. I can’t say that I wont ever go back to weighing myself (never say never), but for right now it is working out quite well.

So my new and improved! weigh in Wednesday will be centered around other means of determining my weight loss, mainly inches lost (which I don’t obsess over, like I did the number on the scale), exercise goals and accomplishments, and most importantly, how I feel!

Up first, my measurements. I am pleased to say my waist is 1.5 inches smaller than it was in January (this is the only area I’ve ever consistently measured). My exercise goal is to finish Bloomsday (a 12K in 11 days) without dying.

And today, I feel awesome. Last night I discovered the wonder that is the Epsom salt. I knew they were for soaking, but I didn’t know the difference between Epsom salts and bath salts. I figured they were one in the same. So I never explored them. But yesterday I was so incredibly sore and stiff that I decided to stop at Walgreen’s on my way home to pick up a bag. I took a nice 20 minute soak, read my book and went to bed at 9 pm (glorious!). I didn’t feel any different last night, but when I woke up this morning. Ohmigawd! I had absolutely no stiffness! My 5 mile run this morning was a breeze. I know, I know, I was totally living under a rock. But now I am a believer. Epsom salts rock my socks.

After my 5 mile run I inhaled another eggcellant breakwich.

And then I ran into my PA (Principal’s Assistant) and double high-fived her – she ran the Boston Marathon on Monday! Woot Woot! I was annoying the crap out of asking her lots of running questions and learned I should also take magnesium pills at night to ease my soreness/stiff muscles.

My lunch was composed of fabulous leftover potato pizza and a colorful salad.

Later on I snacked on an apple and a pineapple chobani (the BEST flavor).

Oh, and I also had a Fresca. I haven’t had soda in quite a while, but I saw my co-worker drinking one and immediately HAD to have one. It was fabulous.

After a quick trip to Costco, (yes, twice in one week), to pick up more Epsom salt, spinach, (no skittles), and lettuce I assembled leftover meal #2 for the day.

Butter-not squash enchiladas + salad

I can hear the Epsom salts calling my name. I am looking forward to a nice hot Epsom salt bath this evening. I’m sure you probably aren’t supposed to take an Epsom salt bath two days in a row, but I felt so amazing that I decided I would do one on evenings I run. While running is the form of exercise I feel most amazing and fit after, it is also the one that causes the most stress on my body.

What is your favorite form of exercise?