An ode to the Arrested Developement

Recently someone stumbled upon my blog by googling arrested development chicken instructions. This isn’t the first time this phrase has lead to my blog, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

So I thought, why not throw that image up again? Someone clearly wants to see it.

If you know me in real life, you know I have a slight obsession with Arrested Development. I started watching the show during it’s first season, and was immediately intrigued by the lack of a laugh track, the wit and my fondness for characters I would despise if I met them in real life. I even did a presentation on the show for my Communications and Media course.

Arrested Development Season 1(source)

After graduating from college, I landed a job in the promotions department for the local FOX affiliate. Arrested Development was now in its third season, somehow missing the first season kiss of death FOX is notorious for. However, the show had been moved too many times, both in days and time slots, and it was clear from my first day in November 2005 that the show would not be renewed for a fourth season.


Even though I was a lowly assistant, I tried with all my might to convince the staff at FOX headquarters to renew the show. I signed the Save Our Bluths Campaign petition, searched for and found 3-D glasses to watch the much anticipated (at least for me) 3-D episode, and begged and pleaded with my rep to no avail.


What’s a girl to do? Clearly, the imitating a chicken is a good option.

But be careful not to reenact any of the chicken options while near a campfire. Not that I almost fell in one while doing that exact thing or anything. I just think you might want to take some precautionary measures when choosing the time and place to perform chicken imitations.


While imitating a chicken you might be compelled to cook some chicken. If this is the case, might I suggest an apron:

(source) p.s. check out Sarah’s cornballer inspired recipe here.

Or perhaps a coffee cup to enjoy a cuppa’joe while you watch re-runs on lazy Saturday mornings and reminesce:


And in case you need to make a phone call, or look up more Arrested Development chicken impersonations, pick yourself up an iPhone 4 cover.

Arrested Development phone cover(source)

But whatever you do, please pull up your Netflix account and place all three seasons in your queue immediately. You’ll thank me when the Arrested Development movie debuts.


What is your favorite comedy from days past?

The best laid plans…

…often go awry.

I had every intention of trying out new recipes this weekend, cleaning my house, and getting my read on.

Instead this happened.

The hubs finally got his truck. He’s been not-so-subtly hinting at wanting a truck for about 2 1/2 years…about 1 day after we sold his old truck to go down to a one-car family. But more recently his pleas have been louder, as every time we he purchases something to improve our new abode we have to ask his parents to drive a half hour into town, meet us at Home Depot, and drive the load back to our house. It’s been quite the ordeal. (Thanks Rob & Gayle!)

I finally obliged. And I am really jealous at all the fun features (AC seats!) it has.

So instead of fun new recipes I’ve got a photo update of Spring Break (woo!*) 2011 thus far.

*if you haven’t watched Arrested Development yet, you really need to.

Friday night we had dinner at Downriver Grill, still no website available, and I attempted to not eat meat.

The Downriver Grill is veryclose to another fine establishment…

The Flying Goat…seriously, how have we not eaten at Downriver since we moved into this neighborhood? It’s even owned by the same people as the Goat!

After being seated we ordered an app of calamari while I dissected the menu.

Unfortunately, there were hardly any vegetarian options available. I could have a portabella sammie, (which, oddly, I wasn’t in the mood for), a salad, or a tofu curry entree. I mentioned to our server that I was having a difficult time finding a vegetarian option that was appealing because I had given up meat for Lent and he mentioned he gave up booze and Facebook for Lent. I don’t think I could give up Facebook! Could you?

Not impressed with the veggie-friendly options, I opted to have the halibut with mushroom risotto.

In case you were wondering, my “no meat for Lent” only includes red meat, pork and poultry. I attempted no seafood too, but my body is already grumpy enough with me for giving up meat, so  I decided since almost every vegetarian I know eats fish, I am going to as well.

The halibut was pretty delicious, as was the mushroom risotto. But I was most excited about the tender-crisp asparagus.

The hubs only made it 2.5 weeks without meat. He thoroughly enjoyed his bacon-wrapped steak. I don’t really care for bacon or steak, but I was eying both with envy.

I did, however, make him suggest he order the polenta as his side-dish so I could steal nibble on a few bites. OMG polenta, I love you.

The Downriver Grill’s Washington wine list was quite impressive, a was their meat entree options. I am looking forward to going back after Easter when I can enjoy the restaurant to its potential.

The following morning the hubs surprised me with pancakes,

and truck shopping 😉

Saturday night we enjoyed some Flying Goat action with his sister, Kimberly, and her husband, Ryan.

Sunday was more truck shopping. And after 4 1/2 hours at the dealership, we had our F-150.  I mean, the hubs, had his F-150. I’m afraid to drive it. It is ridiculously huge. HUGE.

Sunday evening we drove up to his parents house to show off the new truck visit them, see our cutie-patootie niece,  and have dinner.

Adorbs. Totally adorbs.

My plan tomorrow includes reading for my third book club, (yes, I really belong to three. I have a problem, I know), and to actually COOK or BAKE something new. I’m off to tastespotting to get a little inspiration.

Did you give up anything for Lent? How is it going so far?

Salsa chicken disaster.

Homigawd I am starving. The prunes I’m munching on are not cutting it either. (Yes, I happen to like prunes. No, I’m not 80.) I’m watching Arrested Development while I wait for my dinner to hurry up and finish cooking.

BEST.SHOW.EVER. Seen it? If you haven’t you really need to put this on your Netflix queue right away. I have been known to bust out the chicken during random events. And may have *almost* fallen into a fire once.


This weekend the lovely Anastasia informed me the Arrested Development movie is definitely on! I will be in the theater opening day, thank you very much.


The hubs opted to take the bus to work this morning (*thanks hubs!), so I wouldn’t have to deal with an extra early morning work out, driving back home, driving him to work and then driving myself to work. Just writing that sentence made me exhausted.

I really hate driving. I think it all started when I got in an accident four days after I got my license. My mom was napping and I interrupted her slumber to ask if I could borrow her car to meet my friend for lunch. After lunch I was attempting to drop my friend off at work and I pulled into a parking spot. Unfortunately my foot slipped off the brake and slammed onto the gas and I went flying over the divider between Burger King and Big O Tires. I hit another vehicle and their back end looked like my front end. It wound up costing my insurance company a pretty penny, (my bill went up before I even received the first statement in the mail), and I was scarred for life. Now I pretty much refuse to drive unless I have to. Or if there is a sale I need to scope out.

But I digress. This morning I hit the gym for my Tuesday run walk/jog. I decided my unofficial training plan would include a jog on the ol dreadmill Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and attempt an outdoor run once on the weekend. The couch to 5k program has never worked for me, so I am just making this plan up as I go. So far so good, except for the fact that I was still to Sudafeded-up to really have a good work out. After a half hour I jumped off the dreadmill to work my legs instead.

Brekkie was same ol, same ol oats (blueberry craisins, cinnamon, chia seeds, almond milk/water) and coffee…which tasted like an ash tray? Gross. Once we are out of this Kirkland House Blend I am going to be on a mission to find something locally roasted.

Are you bored with my breakfasts lately? I am.

Lunch was a repeat of last nights dinner: taco salad (turkey taco meat, bell pepper, tomato, red onion, homemade salsa, homemade guac and some colby jack cheese).

I snacked on a sad looking nanner w/decaf chia tea + ff half&half (finally threw out that nasty caramel macchiatto coffee creamer!)

I swung downtown to pick up the hubs and threw dinner in the oven: salsa chicken. We have SO MUCH salsa to use up this week! So last night I threw 3 large (Costco size) chicken breasts in a bag with 2 cups of salsa (half medium, half spicy). Tonight I threw it in a pyrex dish and into the oven it went…an hour ago. Usually this dish only takes a half hour. But due to the size of my breasts the dish took double the amount of time to bake.

What, you don’t like tasteless jokes?

Tada, by the time I finished writing this post dinner was magically ready. Ask and you shall receive I guess. Salsa chicken w/leftover cheesy rice.

I’m still starving though so I may dig into this (salted caramel chocolate!),

or this cookie a student decorated for me 🙂

Yes, I do go girl.