Weigh in + WIAW

I enjoyed last week’s What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) post so much, I decided to come back and do it again. But with a twist. Unlike last week, I will not neglect my weekly weigh-in. So just like you get double U’s, (or V’s, if that is how you see them. I do.), you get double W’s today.

I know, you’re stoked.

W #1

As far as weighing in goes, this week I’ve chosen to focus on fitness. My half marathon training hasn’t been going according to the excel sheet plan my running buddy Reese sent me. I’m sure she is logging her runs on the days we should, (we text each other after our runs since we live 4.5 hours apart). I, on the other hand, am not running on the assigned days. I’m not resting on the days I should either. And when the plan calls for me to run 4 miles, I run 4.69. Plan says 5? I’ll go 6.77, thankyouverymuch.

While I am generally of the opinion that more is better, I know I am doing my body a disservice. On Sunday I went on an 8.51 mile run slow jog, and felt like utter crap the entire time and my right knee was not happy with me.

A normal person would ice her knee, take a few days off, and fuel properly. But I am not a normal person. So I forged through and worked out for an hour Monday morning. Stupid decision. The Hubs very politely nudged me to take a rest day on Tuesday. I begrudgingly agreed. And although I was grumpy about it, I am glad I did. I’m hoping for a much better and more energized run today.

W #2

Today’s WIAW is actually a visual representation (actualization?) of what I ate Monday. I figure an M is just and upside down W,* so it works in my book blog.

*or is it a right side up W? Or is a W an upside down M? Life’s questions I may never know the answers to…

5:15 a.m. 1/2 a cuppa joe with 2% milk.

Followed by 4 dried apricots. Yes, it is really that bright at 5:15 a.m. Amazing.

Some people can’t stomach coffee before working out, but for me it is a necessary vice. It definitely helped relax my muscles after Sunday’s 8.51 mile run.

6-7 a.m. Date with a stationary bike and the stretching room at the YMCA.

8:15 a.m. H2O, more coffee (with 2% and 1.5 tsp raw sugar) and oats.

My oats were a mix of Quaker quick oats, chia seeds, pecans, cinnamon, dried cherries & vanilla almond milk.

11:45 a.m. Wrap (with the best tortilla ever) filled with a laughing cow wedge, stone ground mustard, hard boiled egg, cilantro, tomato & sweet onion.

On the side I munched on a golden delicious, (ironic name, because it isn’t delicious), and drank more H2O.

2 p.m. Snack attack satisfied with baby carrots and horseradish hummus (from a baggie, ’cause I’m klassy with a K),

and water bottle number three for the day.

4 p.m. Hunger finally strikes and is somewhat satisfied by a sad looking nanner and a blueberry chobani, (the least favorite and always neglected flavor from the Costco box).

5:30 p.m. Anxiously waiting for The Hubs to get home from work so I could start dinner lead my fingers to wander to the open bag of chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.

7:30 p.m. Mmmm….dinner. My favorite meal of the day. Last Thursday The Hubs and I hit up the opening day of the South Perry Farmer’s Market and we walked away with a fresh bunch of asparagus.

And on Sunday evening The Hubs grilled up four massive chicken breasts for easy weeknight meals. Monday I decided to dice one up and add it to an asparagus inspired meal: Lemon Asparagus Pasta (recipe coming tomorrow!).

On the side I enjoyed a salad of organic baby spinach, tomato, cucumber and homemade shallot dressing.

A few skittles may have passed my lips as I read a few chapters in Just Listen. But the camera ate those pictures. But my header does show skittles…so if you really need a visual feel free to scroll up.

What is your favorite meal of the day?

Fashion Friday: Guest Post from Lindsay Living!

Hi ya’ll. I’m currently en route to Minneapolis for a girls weekend with two of my besties from college. For this week’s Fashion Friday edition I have a real fashion blogger bringing you a guest post! Lindsay, of Lindsay Living, and I met last year during our Masters program. Lindsay effortlessly pulls together fun, fashionable looks and has a few tips for you below. Enjoy!


Hello!  My name is Lindsay and I write a little style blog over at Lindsay Living.  Leila asked me to swing by S&S and say hello while she’s out having fun in Minneapolis. I have always wanted to go there because one of my all time favorite style idols (and life idol really, I mean come on…) lives there.  

Well, she may not actually live there, but to me Minneapolis will always be the home of Mary Tyler Moore.  Mary was always the epitome of confident classy style and she never seemed worried about it.  Somehow it came effortlessly.  Aw, the splendid world of television.  Real life isn’t always so easy.

There are so many things you can do to feel better about yourself, but one of the quickest and most foolproof is dressing to look (and therefore feel) your best.  It’s so overstated that women have trouble putting themselves first or putting their own health, happiness and general well-being on their own to do lists.  I fall victim to it, too, and one way that I remedy that is by making personal style a priority in my life.

Fashion can feel daunting because there’s a monetary investment attached and often people doubt their own intuition in putting things together.  I know I do. There are a few methods to the madness of my closet, so here are some of my tips for making your wardrobe a little more thrilling and a little less dull.

  1. Invest in accessories like a great handbag, belts, and other accessories.  I wear mine to death and my accessories totally change a look.  When I say invest, I don’t mean go out and spend a fortune.  I mean look for shapes, colors and patterns that you love and will be happy to pull out again and again.  One of my favorite belts is from H&M, but is sturdy and a happy yellow that I love putting on over any dress.
  1. Mix it up.  A t-shirt isn’t the only thing that goes with your cargo pants.  I pair mine with a silk blouse and metallic flats.  Split your blazer away from your suit pants and throw it on over a dress or with some skinny jeans.  Since I made the commitment to watch my clothing budget, I have taught myself to remix.  Remixing is essentially shopping your own closet to create new looks.  I try to find at least three distinctly different ways to wear an item before buying it now to ensure it will go the distance and be worth my dollar.
  1. Find the shapes that work for you.  Fashion is all about fit.  Wherever you are at in your acceptance of your own body it’s important to have an understanding of the overall shape of your figure.  Fighting with your curves won’t get you anywhere.  The best thing to do is try on everything you own and separate out what you love from what you simply put up with.  From there, see if you can identify what makes your favorites the best on you.  Do you favor more fitted pencil skirts?  Do you have a closet full v-neck blouses and sweaters?  In no way should everything in your closet be the same, but there are some guiding principles in what is going to be universally flattering to your body.  Weed out the extras and word toward the perfect working closet, full of things that fit and flatter.

For me, feeling great is synonymous with looking my best. Thanks to Leila for having me over!  For more style tips and daily outfit photos please visit me at my blog, lindsayliving.com.

Do you have any body confidence style tips?

Because you had a bad day…

***Although this totally breaks up the whole song-lyric thing I’ve got going on, I wanted to let you know I have a guest post on Body Image over on Running-Foodie – check it out! And check out Megan’s blog, I love it and was thrilled to write a guest post for her!***

You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around

Today did not go as planned. Not one bit. I hit snooze for an hour. An HOUR!

This didn’t deter me from going to the gym, but it did take a very large chunk out of my planned weight lifting session. But, half a work out is better than no work out.

As I stumbled to the bathroom, phone in hand as an impromptu flashlight, I inadvertantly called one of my besties from high school. I didn’t realize this until I heard the voice mail system’s automated woman letting me know my voice mail had been sent.

Sorry Lackie, I apologize for any unap-pee-ling noises you may have heard when you checked our messages.

After my lackluster work out, and lukewarm shower, I slammed my head into the corner of the paper towel dispenser. At this point it was 7:36 a.m. and I really wished I could go back to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

Upon arriving at work I realized I forgot my breakfast. I was really, really bummed about it. I even set myself an “appointment” on my phone, with an alert to remind me 11 minutes after my alarm, (knowing I would hit snooze at least once). But since I hit snooze a ridiculous amount of times, I saw the alert and dismissed it.


So I had a bad day. And I’m taking one* down. But I sang a happy song to turn it around. Don’t Worry, Be Happy to be precise.

*One of what, exactly?

My day steadily improved after that.

Thank goodness for my emergency stash of oats!

I served ’em up in a big o’l mug, which only made me realize how small the serving actually was 😦

Later on, I snacked on some Turkish apricots. I always buy the regular dried apricots, but after tasting these babies I will never go back – delish!

For lunch I polished off the tail end of my Pacific Organics Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato soup with a salad.

Sadly, I always confuse the ingredients in this soup with those in their Butternut Squash soup. This box contains milk, and I neglected to pop a few lactaid pills 😦

Throughout the afternoon I was snack-happy.

By 7:20 p.m. I was really excited to eat dinner. Libb whipped up this vegan black eyed peas recipe, which I un-veganized by adding parmesan cheese.

The dish had a tad of sweetness, which was pleasant, but it was missing something that none of us could quite put our finger on. Well, the boys added bacon, but that wasn’t it.

On the side I enjoyed a side-salad with ranch dressing. I haven’t eaten a salad with ranch in ages, but it really hit the spot!

I am so full right now, (fiber overload!), but I still kind of want some skittles…

Don’t forget to check out my guest post on Running-Foodie!


On average, how many times do you hit the snooze button?


You say goodbye, I say hello.

Goodbye to waking up whenever I feel like it…

hello to my alarm blaring at 5:04 a.m.



Goodbye leisurely breakfasts and coffee in mugs…

hello carefully thought out meals, and coffee via to-go cups.

(nanner + a very delicious scone)

(Mexican rice, black beans, onion, green onion, cilantro & tomatoes)

(Lilly’s Roasted Garlic Hummus + veggies)

Goodbye afternoon bike rides by the river…

hello early morning jogs on the dreadmill.


Goodbye computer for youtube, personal email, facebook and blogs…

hello over 100 emails in my work inbox.



Goodbye reading whatever I please…

hello ordering books and supplies for the library.

(This book was published in 1955. Last check out was in 2006. Previous check out in 1992. I think it may need an updated replacement, hmmm)

(Do you think I should order the William & Kate paper dolls too?)

Goodbye eating whatever strikes my fancy…

hello Meal Plan Monday.

As you may recall, one of my favorite Sunday morning rituals is sitting in my family room with my cookbook collection, computer, DVR and a cuppa joe. I carefully plan out a week’s worth of meals, designate who will cook each evening, and which nights are best for leftovers.

Hi, my name is Leila, and I have Type-A personality disorder.

Oh, that’s not a disorder? It should be. I know I am totally crazy.

Right now my goals are to:

  • Finish eating down my freezer. (This will be easier to accomplish after Easter*).
  • Cook double or triple batches of meals & freeze the additional servings for future dinners. (I realize this seems counter productive to my first goal, but I mean eating down the meat/bread situation that has taken over my freezer).
  • Try at least one new meal per week.

*I gave up red meat, chicken and pork for Lent.

Since this is something I enjoy creating so much, I decided to make it a regular feature on the blog. I could easily post this on Sunday, but I like alliteration, so Meal Plan Monday it is.

This weeks lineup:

Monday (Leila) Kale and Tomato pasta + salad

I just finished eating this. It wasn’t amazing, in fact it was rather bland.

The salad was enjoyable, however.

Tuesday (Libb: Live-in-basement-brother for you newbies):


  • Leftover Kale and Tomato Pasta + salad

Thursday (Leila):

  • Roasted mushroom & butternut squash black bean burritos

Friday (Libb):


Sunday (Tim):

  • 13 Bean Mix Soup + cornbread + salad


Do you meal plan?

How do you organize your plan? (weekly, monthly, bulk cooking, couponing, CSA Box, etc.)

Warning: disk space low

Not a warning a blogger likes to receive as she attempts to upload photos to her iPhoto library.


It asked me if I would like to continue. Ummm, yes.

I mean I only have 9,425 photos stored in iPhoto. Not too many, right?

How was your hump day? Mine had no theme. It was all over the place. Yesterday I made plans to hit the gym with my friends in the a.m., but today when I woke up I was stiff, stiff, stiff. After canceling my plans, and resting my legs on my heating pad, I decided to dust off* the ‘ol yoga mat and get my stretch on.

Anastasia, my yoga session this morning was for you.

*Total lie. The yoga mat had not, in fact, collected dust. I still hadn’t unwrapped it from its original packaging. I bought it in, wait for it, October.

I unrolled my yoga mat,

Ok Anastasia, I don’t have a matching water bottle, but I do have matching nails

and tank top!

browsed my options,

and settled on YogaWorks Beginners Yoga.

It was okay, but really, really slow. I’ve only attempted yoga once before, and it was a miserable experience (via DVD), so I didn’t have a lot to judge it against. But I did learn a few things:

1) you need a lot of room to do yoga.

I moved my coffee table out of the way, unrolled my mat, and had what I thought was ample room all around the mat. I was wrong. I kept running into the couches 😦

2) It is really hard to see the screen while doing yoga via the television. I think it would be much easier to learn in a class when I could look left or right to the person next to me to make sure I am doing a move correctly, rather than shifting my body and turning my head upward, which inevitably breaks my “flow,” to determine if I am positioned correctly.

3) Rilo has no interest in bugging me while I get my yoga on.

After finishing, I promptly took her on a walk.

Afterward I booked it over to Saunders Cheese Market to get my cheese on. After parking I was quickly accosted by a rather inebriated woman asking me where I got my hair done. I tried to give her the information, but she kept trying to send an email rather than entering the information into the contact screen. Sorry Kim for any drunk dials you may receive in the next day or two. But I do agree, I do have fabulous hair. 😉

Why did I hit up Saunders twice in the past two weeks? I’m working up a new piece for Foodbeat NW! Stay tuned, cheesy goodness is on its way.

A few sneak peeks…

Ok, maybe a little cheesy goodness now too.

Following cheese, Libb and I went north slightly to meet Michael, owner of Foodbeat NW, at Post Street Ale House.

Michael and I have only conversed via email and phone until today. It was so nice to place a face to the name – hi Michael! For all you Northwest folks, head over to facebook and “like” the Foodbeat NW page. Fairly soon their website will be up and running, but until then you can receive all your local foodie news via their facebook page.

Also exciting, Post Street Ale House is offering ALL food items on their menu for HALF OFF during the month of April.

Clearly I was excited.

Libb came too, but he wasn’t as thrilled as I was.

As our bellies were full of cheese, we weren’t hungry for a real meal. We settled on fries, which are your standard frozen variety. Nothing amazing….but the fry sauce. Divine. The fries are really a vehicle to get this mustard ale sauce in my mouth, so I won’t fault Post Street for their lackluster fried taters.

Especially not when they’re half off.

And also on their menu, a wedge salad.

I haven’t tried on yet, but don’t tell Claire.

What is your favorite cheese?


I have two pieces of food related news to share with you all.

First, I spotted this at the grocery store today:

Is this really what Americans feed their children? Gross.

Second, I figured out a way to make tofu not taste, well, like tofu*. At least not as much.

*aka maggot-like, as described by Libb.

I don’t have a recipe, as it was a what’s in the fridge? type situation.

In the mix:



Bell pepper

Baby Bella mushrooms


Bean sprouts

I thew the above into a heated pan with some olive oil. I reduced the pan with some Sauv Blanc, and added the following goodies:

ginger, lemon grass, soy sauce & sweet red chili sauce

Meanwhile I cooked up some brown rice and roasted a block of pressed and diced tofu (marinated in the same goodies pictured above) for 30 minutes at 350. After the tofu finished I added it to the veggies, stirred em up, let em sit for a few minutes to soak up the juices and then topped my brown rice.

Not too shabby.

What is your favorite way to prepare tofu?

The best laid plans…

…often go awry.

I had every intention of trying out new recipes this weekend, cleaning my house, and getting my read on.

Instead this happened.

The hubs finally got his truck. He’s been not-so-subtly hinting at wanting a truck for about 2 1/2 years…about 1 day after we sold his old truck to go down to a one-car family. But more recently his pleas have been louder, as every time we he purchases something to improve our new abode we have to ask his parents to drive a half hour into town, meet us at Home Depot, and drive the load back to our house. It’s been quite the ordeal. (Thanks Rob & Gayle!)

I finally obliged. And I am really jealous at all the fun features (AC seats!) it has.

So instead of fun new recipes I’ve got a photo update of Spring Break (woo!*) 2011 thus far.

*if you haven’t watched Arrested Development yet, you really need to.

Friday night we had dinner at Downriver Grill, still no website available, and I attempted to not eat meat.

The Downriver Grill is veryclose to another fine establishment…

The Flying Goat…seriously, how have we not eaten at Downriver since we moved into this neighborhood? It’s even owned by the same people as the Goat!

After being seated we ordered an app of calamari while I dissected the menu.

Unfortunately, there were hardly any vegetarian options available. I could have a portabella sammie, (which, oddly, I wasn’t in the mood for), a salad, or a tofu curry entree. I mentioned to our server that I was having a difficult time finding a vegetarian option that was appealing because I had given up meat for Lent and he mentioned he gave up booze and Facebook for Lent. I don’t think I could give up Facebook! Could you?

Not impressed with the veggie-friendly options, I opted to have the halibut with mushroom risotto.

In case you were wondering, my “no meat for Lent” only includes red meat, pork and poultry. I attempted no seafood too, but my body is already grumpy enough with me for giving up meat, so  I decided since almost every vegetarian I know eats fish, I am going to as well.

The halibut was pretty delicious, as was the mushroom risotto. But I was most excited about the tender-crisp asparagus.

The hubs only made it 2.5 weeks without meat. He thoroughly enjoyed his bacon-wrapped steak. I don’t really care for bacon or steak, but I was eying both with envy.

I did, however, make him suggest he order the polenta as his side-dish so I could steal nibble on a few bites. OMG polenta, I love you.

The Downriver Grill’s Washington wine list was quite impressive, a was their meat entree options. I am looking forward to going back after Easter when I can enjoy the restaurant to its potential.

The following morning the hubs surprised me with pancakes,

and truck shopping 😉

Saturday night we enjoyed some Flying Goat action with his sister, Kimberly, and her husband, Ryan.

Sunday was more truck shopping. And after 4 1/2 hours at the dealership, we had our F-150.  I mean, the hubs, had his F-150. I’m afraid to drive it. It is ridiculously huge. HUGE.

Sunday evening we drove up to his parents house to show off the new truck visit them, see our cutie-patootie niece,  and have dinner.

Adorbs. Totally adorbs.

My plan tomorrow includes reading for my third book club, (yes, I really belong to three. I have a problem, I know), and to actually COOK or BAKE something new. I’m off to tastespotting to get a little inspiration.

Did you give up anything for Lent? How is it going so far?