So I really think my first post kinda sums it up…but if you don’t feel clicky today…

Here are the regular cast of characters you’ll be seeing on the blog…

Tim (aka The Hubs)



And me!

Married/Family Life:

Tim and I met in February of 2006 at an auction.

Our relationship moved quickly and we were engaged in March 2007.

We spent the next  year and a half moving from Spokane, Washington to San Diego, California and back again.

Oh, and we planned a wedding.

We were married September 6, 2008 at St. Aloysius on Gonzaga’s campus.

Our reception was held at Arbor Crest Winery, in Spokane Valley.

We still live in Spokane,

and purchased our first house last summer.

Professional life:

In the summer of 2010 I graduated from Whitworth University with a Masters in Teaching degree. Last year I was a Library Media teacher, and this year I am going to be teaching 4th grade!

Prior to a career in education, I worked in the media/public relations/publicity arena. In addition to my MIT degree, I have a B.A. in Applied Communications from Gonzaga University.

Health/Fitness life:

(2011- apparently I love pink + black)

I’m a total foodie and am trying to combine my love of food with my desire to be healthy. I started my blog because I really love food, really hate depriving myself and really wanted to lose some weight. My goal is to lose the weight in a healthy way, which I’ve never really done before. I’m your stereotypical yo-yo dieter, with a personality that lends myself to extreme and unhealthy measures. In the past I abused diet pills, over-exercised, under-ate and generally felt really lousy.

But, then I found the wonderful world of blogs, particularly the healthy living blogging community. Blogs changed my life. Seriously. I am losing weight at a healthy and slow pace (approximately a half to one pound per week) and am not depriving myself of anything. If I want some skittles I’ll have some skittles, and I wont feel guilty about it. The anxious, guilty feeling I used to get when I would miss a work out or eat something “bad,” hasn’t been around for a while, and I hope that it will not return. I’ve turned a healthy corner and am finally content with who I am and where I am going with my healthy living path. I am still trying and still learning to navigate life without that little voice in the back of my head nagging me.

I started blogging as a way to give back to the healthy living blogging community and as an outlet for myself. So far I love it and can’t believe I didn’t start one before!

So…welcome to my little corner of the blog world. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing/taking photographs.  I love, love, love feedback and comments, so please don’t be shy!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I think my first comment just got swallowed. Woops!

    My husband and I just moved from San Diego to Portland. My heart leapt when I saw that pic of you guys in front of the bay. I miss it. We lived there four years (originally from Indiana).

    How long were you guys in SD?

    Cute blog!

  2. Love your blog. Total cuteness. You are very real and honest and that is what makes blogs readable and attractive to me, personally. Welcome to WIAW! 🙂

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