#H54F August 23, 3013

I cannot believe that next week I’ll officially be back in the classroom, and the following week I’ll have students. Where did summer go?! I am soooo not ready for the school year to begin. My type-A tendencies are freaking out and my left eye keeps twitching. That could also have something to do with all the coffee I’ve been drinking lately though…

So what have I been up to?

~Soaking up as much summer sun as possible w/my little miss.



~Arranging, and rearranging my classroom (only one more rearrange left I think!)



~Planning with my co-teacher, aka my sister wife, with lots of help from my favorite teaching blogs and pinterest. And coffee. Lots of coffee. 



~Planning a kitchen remodel (so I can see into the living room), and picking paint colors for our living/dining room. Getting bids (all way more than I would like to spend), and trying to figure out what we can DIY without losing our sanity.


living in a dream world…but wouldn’t this be lovely?


~And watching my daughter grow more and more independent. She started daycare for the first time last week and PUSHED me away when I tried to hug and kiss her goodbye. And last Friday she refused to sit on my lap for library story time. Little miss G crawled over to the librarian and sat at her feet while she read. Then she did the same thing this week. She’s such a little bookworm 🙂 



What have you been up to this week?


6 thoughts on “#H54F August 23, 3013

  1. AHHH!! She is so grown up already! I can’t believe it!

    I LOVE the idea of your kitchen being open to the living room 🙂 That will do wonders for your space 🙂

    Are you available to chat this weekend?

    I miss you! Love you all!!

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