Body after Baby: Motivation

On Sunday Genevieve will be 8 weeks old, and I’ll be 2 weeks cleared for normal exercise. Only I’ve only exercised once. I’ve also gone on a few non-brisk walks. I can get my exercise in easier with walking, but as temps drop, I prefer the comforts of home with my on demand, US Weekly, and elliptical.

But during the day Genevieve doesn’t like to nap longer than 20-30 minutes. I need to figure out some more efficient ways of going about my day so I can hop on the elliptical as soon as she falls asleep. I also need to find the motivation to get out of bed a bit earlier so I’m not starting my day at 10ish.


Additionally, I need a little motivation in the eating department. G’s needs come first, and I often find myself not eating for over an hour after I get up. I need to get back in the habit of making a pb&j each night so I have it ready and waiting as soon as I wake up. Not having immediate fuel in the morning leads me to make poor choices later on on the day.


So I signed up to be an Elf for Health, and I’m hoping my required check-ins will jump start my motivation. I’m 2-4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight…but I got knocked up right after Christmas, and all the treats, so I am hovering about 10 pounds above my normal weight. Not only that, but I have some loose skin in the belly area I’d like to tighten up. And my lower body needs some general toning too. My arms are getting a great workout carrying Genevieve, and all her stuff, around, so at least that’s covered. I have the reasons, (general health, energy levels, and a wardrobe I’d love to fit back into), but am lacking the motivation to get moving and not eat dessert every night.

What do you do to boost exercise motivation?


13 thoughts on “Body after Baby: Motivation

  1. I found motivation rather quickly when I had to go back to work and couldn’t wear nursing tops all day—- lifting up that shirt to pump only to see loose skin was no fun AND not fitting into most of my teaching clothes is a total bummer. The bad part is that my body has changed and I’m not so sure it will go back and it’s not weight- it’s the shape of my body………. Oh well, I’m glad I have my bundle of joy to kiss on!

    • Oi pumping sucks. Literally! I think I am looking forward to that the least when I go back my blinds don’t close all the way and we only have 1 staff toilet. So there isn’t a great place to pump 😦 i am so ready for our new building! Or maybe I’ll win the lottery and I won’t have to go back to work ever 😜

      • If I win, I’ll help you out. Promise. πŸ™‚
        I am lucky to have a closet——- I can haul a chair in and there is an outlet- the biggest downer is cleaning the stuff after every pump (3X a day at school!) …..I spent some extra $$$ and bought another hospital grade pump to keep at school. (my local health department sells a $350 breast pump for $90! Talk about a steal!)

      • Ugh, 3 times a day at school is a total pain. Especially if you have days without preps like I do. Whiiiiiine!
        My old co-worker had a 45 min commute and would pump in the car on the drive to work, and pump in the car on the way back. Any way you’d be able to do that? But nice deal on the pump!

  2. I found you through the Elf for Health FB page. We’re kind of in the same boat! My little girl will be 8 weeks on Wednesday and I’m struggling to find the time to get workouts in. I also have a 2.5 year old, which complicates things even more! I’m about 10 pounds from where I want to be and I definitely have some toning to do!

      • So far the girls have been good about napping at the same time most days so I try to squeeze in my workout then. I also try to get a run in on Saturday mornings since hubby is home and if there’s a day or two during the week that I can get out once hubby gets home from work. Worse case scenario is I put some music on and we dance and jump up and down. πŸ™‚

  3. Ugh…Liam is 7 months old and I am still 6 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. I swear I have more than 6 lbs to lose though. My body is definitely not the same. I had lots of motivation to work out during the summer (Healthy Mama’s on the Hill group) but now that is cold and dark after work…mmm…lets just say I haven’t done anything since early October.
    That is great that you are making the PB&J ahead of time. I lived on Granola bars for the first few weeks. No energy to make food, but I would be starving! I am sorry to hear the G doesn’t nap very long. I was very lucky that Liam would take 2-3 hour naps. I would try to get things done while he was sleeping, but most times would just fall asleep with him. Hence the reason I got nothing accomplished in my 12 weeks off.

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