Body after Baby: Motivation

On Sunday Genevieve will be 8 weeks old, and I’ll be 2 weeks cleared for normal exercise. Only I’ve only exercised once. I’ve also gone on a few non-brisk walks. I can get my exercise in easier with walking, but as temps drop, I prefer the comforts of home with my on demand, US Weekly, and elliptical.

But during the day Genevieve doesn’t like to nap longer than 20-30 minutes. I need to figure out some more efficient ways of going about my day so I can hop on the elliptical as soon as she falls asleep. I also need to find the motivation to get out of bed a bit earlier so I’m not starting my day at 10ish.


Additionally, I need a little motivation in the eating department. G’s needs come first, and I often find myself not eating for over an hour after I get up. I need to get back in the habit of making a pb&j each night so I have it ready and waiting as soon as I wake up. Not having immediate fuel in the morning leads me to make poor choices later on on the day.


So I signed up to be an Elf for Health, and I’m hoping my required check-ins will jump start my motivation. I’m 2-4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight…but I got knocked up right after Christmas, and all the treats, so I am hovering about 10 pounds above my normal weight. Not only that, but I have some loose skin in the belly area I’d like to tighten up. And my lower body needs some general toning too. My arms are getting a great workout carrying Genevieve, and all her stuff, around, so at least that’s covered. I have the reasons, (general health, energy levels, and a wardrobe I’d love to fit back into), but am lacking the motivation to get moving and not eat dessert every night.

What do you do to boost exercise motivation?