Follow up on dairy-free

I’m not anymore!

It didn’t last long, yay! On a friend’s suggestion I started journaling everything I ate, and recording Genevieve’s responses. Dairy didn’t seem to be the culprit. In fact, I couldn’t narrow it down to anything food specific. The more I analyzed things, the more it became clear that a fast flow/oversupply was the issue. So I booked an appointment with a lactation consultant, and she showed me the asymmetrical latch, and so far, so good! The lactation consultant also didn’t think G has a dairy sensitivity, whoo hoo! I’m hoping this new latch will solve Genevieve’s tummy troubles!

So, thank you for all of the support and dairy-free suggestions. I should probably cut back for my own body anyway. I do feel better without all that dairy in my system, even if Lactaid helps.

And two totally unrelated items:

you must watch this commercial. I cry every.single.time.

My most recent Preggie Pals blog post is up: Maternity: Under Where?


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