High 5 for Friday [Nov. 2nd]

Well, every day is my Friday right now, haha. But today is my first High 5 for Friday post. Thanks for introducing me to it Jenn!

1. Saturday we went with the hubs family up to Ione to ride the Ione to Metaline Falls train. Although the weather wasn’t fabulous, it was still a gorgeous ride, full of fall colors! I didn’t realize how far north Metaline Falls is – about 10 miles south of the Canadian boarder!

2. After the train ride we had a family dinner at the hubs’ parent’s house. My niece, Adelia, joined me and we “fed our babies” together 🙂

3. We had our first wood burning fire of the season!

4.Genevieve turned 1 month on October 30th! My baby is growing up too fast 😦

5. Genevieve started Tummy time. She wasn’t too excited about it, and preferred being on her back on her play mat. Rilo was jealous.

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