38 weeks

How Big is the Baby?

Hovering around 7 pounds, and 18-22 inches long. The size of a watermelon. A friggin’ watermelon people. Holy guacamole.


How I’m Changing

Pretty much the same as the last few weeks: more sciatic pain than ever, swelling in my feet, ankles, and fingers (and I think my thighs, unless I really gained 2.5 actual pounds this week). Nausea is back too. I’m also not sleeping well. Training for what is to come I suppose.


How I’m Feeling

Soooo ready to be done being pregnant. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and she’s just going to stay in there and never come out! Although I keep waking up in the middle of the night with cramps, and get excited and touch my stomach only to not feel contractions. Just my body getting ready for next week (I hope!).


What I’m Eating

Lots of small meals to ward off the nausea. Today I cracked open my first can of pumpkin for the season. Yay! My preggo brain is in full force too. This morning I thought I pulled out my bulk steel cut oats, but after 20 minutes I checked the pot to realize I cooked quinoa. Oops. Topped with pumpkin, pecans, raisins, cinnamon, and brown sugar, the quinoa was pretty good, but not at all what I wanted.


Odds and Ends

On Thursday at my 38 week appointment, (yes you read that right, I’m writing this on the last day of 38 weeks), I was having more swelling in the right foot/calf than the left. This led to an ultrasound (because it can be a sign of a blood clot), and the decision that Friday would be my last day of work. Everything came back normal with the ultrasound, thank God!

Like magic, resting instead of working has alleviated almost all of my swelling, and I feel much better. But it has been very difficult for me to NOT work! I actually went in on Monday to have lunch with my long-term sub and we taught the reading lesson together and I did the read-aloud. It was a nice transition out of the classroom for both the kids and me.

Things I can’t wait to eat again: Jimmy Johns

# of times I get up to pee each night:  20? Too many!

Days until my next appointment: 1

Total weight gained: 25 pounds. In the past two weeks I’ve gained 5 pounds…that is a significant gain in comparison to my normal .5/week gain. I’m definitely seeing it in my thighs, so I’m thinking a lot of it is water retention. At least I hope it is, I really hope Baby Spinach is not a 10 or an 11-pounder!

Exercise: non-existent. Unless you could bouncing and rocking back and forth on my exercise ball and cleaning the house.

Cravings: Jamba Juice. But I should really just make smoothies at home. So much cheaper!

Aversions: standing, sitting, laying down….oh wait, those are all of my options. Did I mention I’m ready to be done being pregnant?

What I miss: pre-preggo clothes

 So, when do you think Baby Spinach will arrive? How about weight and length guesses?

10 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. I am 38 weeks today!!! just right behind you! Yeah-I am sure the 5lbs is water retention. I love reading fellow pregnant women’s blogs, we have alot of the same complaints, esp with going to pee! Hang in there, I am finishing up with work this Fri also, too much pressure down there, especially when I walk all day, yikes. Enjoy your last off days!


  2. Soooooo incredibly excited for you!!! 🙂 I keep wondering when she will decide to arrive and bless your lives with snuggles and love!
    Not working probably has it’s ups and downs. Enjoy your time before she makes her arrival! 🙂 — I’m super glad that the swelling has fixed itself and that the ultrasound came back and said that things were good!
    I’m thinking she’ll come a day before her due date (or on it- I can’t decide)
    Guessing 7 lbs 4 oz and 19.5 – 20 inches long

      • You’ve been eating healthy during the pregnancy and keeping active 🙂 That helps with a baby being in ‘just the right size’ category… Not too big, not too small— juuuuuust right! 🙂
        She’ll be perfect- that is FOR SURE!!!!
        I was worried that Jackson would be a 9 pounder…. and we’re still working on being a solid 8 after a month of life (and hefty eating!)

  3. You look great! “The pregnancy brain” doesn’t go away. Those brain cells have been donated to your child and you will only continue to loose them. The pregnant part of having kids isn’t the most fun part but it is the easier part. I hope you take plenty of time to rest now before Baby Spinach arrives. I was 50 inches around before Sarah was finally born. I told my Hubby that if she stayed in there any longer I was going to start charging him rent. At 2 weeks late she was 11 lbs 1 oz and 24 in long. We were going to name her Makayla but since she was almost the size of a Mac truck we changed our mind the day she was born. True story.
    My guestimate is Baby Spinach will be about 7 lbs 13 oz and 22 in long. So excited for you!

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