37 Weeks – Full Term!

How Big is the Baby?

Huge. On average babies her gestational age weigh around 6.3 pounds and are a bit over 19 inches. This is about the length of a stalk of swiss chard. She is considered full term now, which means if she were born today she wouldn’t have a NICU team in the delivery room waiting to whisk her away. I’d like her to stay cooking though.


How I’m Changing

I am thisclose to being an outie. It’s crazy to see the end of my belly button. And my skin, super itchy! No amount of body butter helps. I’m not sure how much more it can stretch!

I’m also finally thirsty. Up until this point in my pregnancy I’ve only drunk water because I knew I needed to, not because I wanted to. But now, I can’t get enough. I’m always chugging water. One of my students even asked me why I drink so much water, haha.


How I’m Feeling

Blargh. Terrible! My sciatic nerve is on my last nerve, I keep waking up with heartburn (so I’ve been “sleeping” in the glider), and I’m swelling a ton. Nobody else notices my swelling, but I do. Some people have knobby knees, I have knobby ankles, and now I have tree trunk cankles. Uggh.

I’ve been rockin’ the crocs lately (don’t judge), and today they got to be too tight! You know you have a problem when crocs are too tight. So I swapped into my Sanuk flip flops, but those left indents by the end of the day too. But Baby Spinach has dropped quite a bit, which has resulted in a lot more sciatic pain, but less back pain! So that is one plus. I am physically very ready for Baby Spinach to arrive, but I’d really like her to stay put until October 4th.


What I’m Eating

Apples, protein shakes, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, burlattas, and other items in wraps. Oh, and chocolate chip pecan cookies made by the hubs. He is the cookie king.


Odds and Ends

Umm, look at this crazy belly difference:

I’m soaking up these last few weeks with friends and the hubs before our life changes completely.

This weekend I had brunch with some of my girlfriends, and then the hubs and I went out to Coeur d’Alene to hit up Mother’s Haven (a fab maternity/baby/post-partum store). I had a $30 living social deal, as well as a $10 gift card, so I scored a $49 Bravado nursing bra for only $9! The hubs also picked up a “cool” bottle* for Baby Spinach. Apparently the glass Born Free bottles I chose were too “girly” for him. Not sure how, but since he’ll be on bottle feeding duty I’ll let him buy what he wants.

*I am planning to breastfeed, but I’ll be pumping when I get back to work, and he will bottle feed when I have girls nights.

In addition to my fab nursing bra, I’ve been going on a bit of an online shopping spree. We used our 10% registry completion discount on Amazon to buy what we deem to be necessities. And Zulily had Glamourmom nursing tanks on sale over the weekend, so I was able to score 3 of those at half price. Whoo hoo! Packages have been arriving daily 🙂

Things I can’t wait to eat again: Very excited to celebrate Baby Spinach with a bottle of pumpkin stout!

# of times I get up to pee each night:  a redonkulous amount.

Days until my next appointment: 2

Total weight gained: 24 pounds

Exercise: pretty non-existant, although my school is huge, so when I walk from one end to the other it is about a third of a mile. And I walk it a few times a day

Cravings: sleep & caffeine. I’m fairly positive these are related cravings.

Aversions: crocs. Damn, I’m stuck with them.

What I miss: having energy at the end of the day

5 thoughts on “37 Weeks – Full Term!

  1. Hooray for full term, that is an awesome feeling to know that when she comes, she has been in there full term! ….the swelling isn’t fun- I was shocked at the swelling after birth-shoes fit even worse on me then! ….you scored a great deal on all the nursing deals! I also needed more nightgowns than I had- as well as tanks too. It’s so much better than lifting a top!!!
    I’ve been wondering about you & baby spinach lots and sending you happy thoughts! Let me know if I can help at all- even from a distance! {hugs}

    • Oh no! Has your swelling gone down? My mom went up a size in shoes after pregnancy and never went back down. I hope that doesn’t happen to me, I am a total shoe whore and while buying a whole new shoe wardrobe would be fun, it would be very expensive and I love my shoes!
      I have 2 v neck full body nightgowns that I can nurse in, but I want a few more. I figure I’ll be living in them for a while, haha.

      • It took about two weeks for the swelling to go down entirely…. During the entire pregnancy the only time I got swollen at all were the two days I had to sit on my bumm for an entire day, so when I had him and my feet were INCREDIBLY swollen, I was shocked (and a little ticked too…)…. It was from the IV- at least that’s what the nurse said. It takes your body awhile to rid its self of the extra fluid but my feet are fine now. Thank heavens!!!!
        Another thing I need that I didn’t think about— a robe to put on while nursing at night + some slippers! It gets cold when you have to get out of a snuggly bed!

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