36 weeks

How Big is the Baby?

Most likely between 5.5 and 6 pounds, and 18-20 inches long. This is around the size of a Crenshaw melon, which I’ve never tried, but it sounds interesting.


How I’m Changing

talking to the cat gives me a duck face

Just keep getting bigger! My hands/fingers still swell in the morning, but once I start moving around for a few hours this goes away. Almost no swelling in my feet/ankles, so that is nice!


How I’m Feeling

My pelvis feels like it’s being ripped in half, and my tailbone is what is attacking it. My sciatic nerves are cranky too. This makes teaching super fun in case you were curious.


What I’m Eating

Lots of goodies from the garden!

And we cracked into the first of the freezer meals I made on Labor day: slow cooker beef burritos. Yum! I’m eating lots of things in wraps – grilled chicken, black beans, & beef. Fast and easy is my agenda these days. I’m also loving apples, watermelon, and Greek yogurt, but what’s new? And not food, but I started taking Evening Primrose Oil, (to help soften the uterus), yesterday, in addition to my raspberry red leaf tea.


Odds and Ends

In two days I’ll be full term! Ahhhhh! We’re almost all ready on the home front. This weekend the hubs and his dad installed the ceiling fan in her nursery, so now aside from the pictures from our maternity, birth, and newborn sessions, it’s done. We’ll obviously have to wait on those.


Our cars are ready too – we installed the car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) in mine, and the extra base in the hubs. We need to get them inspected still, which we’ll do this coming weekend.


And yesterday I spent about 45 minutes listening to Baby Spinach’s heartbeat because I hadn’t felt her move much all day. Then when I arrived at my weekly appointment my blood pressure was high (it is usually very low). Between the two issues, my midwife sent me across the street to the hospital to get monitored for peace of mind. Baby Spinach was doing just fine! They had me drink 8oz of cranberry juice cocktail (it has the highest fructose content so baby’s really move after you drink it), and monitored her heartbeat and her movements. I also had a little clicker that I pushed each time she moved. The triage nurse told me she was moving more than any baby she’d seen all day and she was a perfect baby 🙂 So I was worried for no reason. I also had a contraction while there, but I didn’t feel it. Maybe labor contractions will be the same, haha. A girl can dream, right? 😉

Things I can’t wait to eat again: pumpkin beer!

# of times I get up to pee each night:  lots

Days until my next appointment:  3 until chiro and massage, a week until my next midwife appt.

Total weight gained: according to my scale at the beg of the day 22.5 pounds, and according to the scale at my midwife’s office at the end of the day 26 pounds. I’m inclined to believe mine, especially since I saw an expiration sticker on hers with a date of 9/2012.

Exercise: oi, umm walking as much as I can. I know it’ll be good for labor, but man, I have NO energy for exercise these days!

Cravings: none really, but the other day I saw a commercial for dove bars and had to have one. I told the hubs the next day and complained that they needed to not have commercials for things that taste good when I watch tv. He said he forgot to turn on the pregnancy blocking code. Bummer. He bought them for me, and the craving was fixed.

Aversions: being awake on my feet

What I miss: sleep

7 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. It is very surreal to put the car seat in, isn’t it?! It’s even more crazy when you get to put the baby inside and drive home!! ……I’m sure it is SUPER hard to be on your feet all day teaching! I bet the kids are very excited for you though! 🙂
    Those last few weeks are a super time to savor the moments of quiet and enjoy the time you do have with the hubs (especially one that fixes cravings like that!). The change is WONDERFUL though- I’m SO excited for you!

  2. WOWZERS it’s almost time!!! You look so darn good for being so darn pregnant!!

    I’m sure your kids are excited to see you every single day at school…I can only imagine how many times you have kids touching your tummy!

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