Flash from the past

As previously mentioned, my parents were in town for my baby shower this weekend. My dad joined the boys for a round of golf, and my mom showered me with love. In addition to all the fun gifts for Baby Spinach, my parents also brought photo albums. I scanned a ton of pictures from back in the day, and, of course, had to share some of my favorites!

My mom about 6 months pregnant with me!

My parents with me when I was 5 days new.

1 week new, with my grandma who you’ve seen before 🙂

14 days new – I still sleep like this

6 months – oh chubby legs…only cute when you’re a baby 😉

Hanging in the pack n’ play at my moms studio.

Apparently I sat in my toy box a lot.

My dads favorite dress – mine too!

Running on a bridge with my mom.

Proof I’ve always loved elephants. And proof 80’s hair was BAD!

Throwing pots at my moms studio when I was 5.

I’m so anxious to meet Baby Spinach and see if she looks like me when I was a baby. I hope she has my chin dimple, but doesn’t wind up with my bad baby acne! Luckily, these days they know lactose passes through your breast milk, (they didn’t know that until I was 4 or so), so that will hopefully not be an issue 😉

6 thoughts on “Flash from the past

  1. My mom found a bunch of old pictures of me as a baby and shared them with me when I was home over 4th of July. I have been meaning to scan them and post them on FB…they are so fun to look at. I gasped at the car seat they used (basically a bouncy chair with a seat belt strapped across it). There is even a picture of me in an “ergo” like carrier…and she did cloth diapers too.

    Liam is basically a carbon copy of me. It is almost alarming how much we look alike. I joked with Stan that we will probably have a girl that looks just like him…we laughed and pray for the sake our of potential future daughter that she doesn’t look like Stan. 🙂

    • There is a fun baby wearing pic of me with my dad that I think The Skeptical Mother would love 🙂 I’m going to do a side by side of it with Tim and Baby Spinach I think.

      That car seat sounds scary! My parents gave me all of my cloth diapers! My mom saved them all these years – crazy! I’ll be using them for burp rags 😉

  2. How cute are you?????

    I love looking at old baby pictures! I look like a boy…And apparently I did nothing but EAT because I swear I have food smeared all over my face in every photo!

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