Preggie Pals!

Phew, I’ve had a whirlwind weekend. Saturday morning I attended the 3rd annual Breastfeeding walk in downtown Spokane. I didn’t see a distance anywhere, but assumed it would be a 5K. Or at least a mile….eh, not so much. It wound up being a walk from the big red wagon to the clock tour. If you’re not a Spokane native, that is roughly a quarter of a mile. Ha!

My sister-in-law Kimberly joined me, and we met up with Haily and her baby Liam. Hailey and I met via The Knot, way back in the day when we were planning our weddings. So even though it wasn’t the work out I thought I’d be getting, I was able to chat quite a bit about cloth diapering, daycare, breastfeeding, and pediatricians. Ahhh, I’m getting so close to learning “on the job,” rather than just speaking hypothetically about what I’ll do. Crazy.

Once I got home I decided I needed to put my workout clothes to good use and grabbed Rilo for a 2-mile walk around Audubon park. My favorite thing about walking? Pregnancy podcasts! I’ve been listening to the Pregtastic podcasts since I learned about them from Kath. Once they went on hiatus I was sad, but had quite the backlog to get caught up on. But lately the Pregtastic predesessor has taken over my iTunes: Preggie Pals.

Preggie Pals celebrates all things pregnancy and regularly hosts experts like lactation consultants, OBGYN’s, doulas, midwifes, and even Ina May Gaskin! My excitement for the podcast led to me becoming one of their featured bloggers! And today my first post, revolving around my past eating disorder and fears of gaining weight while pregnant, went live this morning! Check it out!


6 thoughts on “Preggie Pals!

    • Thanks! Sunny is the host and producer! There are two other podcasts in the New Mommy Media group: Parent Savers and The Boob Group. I’ve been listening to the Boob Group ones too, it has lots of great breastfeading info. I’ll probably save Parent Savers for after Baby Spinach arrives.

  1. Can you believe that I already checked it out this morning- it came up on my facebook feed and I just started reading it (story sounding JUST like my own) and then I realized who was writing it—— YOU!!! I was so pumped for you & thought you did an AMAZING job on your post!! πŸ™‚ Soooo proud of you! That is awesome! YAY ❀ {hugs}

    • Thanks! It is a topic I’ve been debating writing about for a few months, so when the Preggie Pals opportunity came about I thought it was the perfect platform. I wondered if you’d see it, because I saw you posted comments on a few of their other blog posts πŸ™‚

  2. I read your post this morning too! Good stuff! I already miss being pregnant, especially when I learn about new resources like this. I do see they have a parenting section…so that might be my new obsession. Ek! Also love that I got featured on your blog…so exciting! Too bad that walk wasn’t a bit longer…I was a bit disappointed, we could have at least done a larger loop through the park. Stan and I made up for it on Sunday and took a big walk at Maribou and then hit up the splash pad near the YMCA.

    • I’ve never been to Mirabeau Park – but I saw your pics on instagram. Nice waterfall πŸ™‚ I’m looking for outdoor areas for my maternity pictures…hoping for a lake, but am scouting out all water spots around town.

      New Mommy Media also has the boob group – which is all things breastfeeding. I’ve been alternating listening to the pregnancy ones and the breastfeeding ones. I’m saving the Parent Savers until after she arrives πŸ™‚

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