July Foodie Pen Pals Reveal

Ahh, July needs to rewind, I am not ready for August to be here tomorrow. August = school starting, which means I need to shift my focus from nursery/birth/newborn to classroom organization/lesson plans/first week of school/meet the teacher night. I’m not ready for that yet!

But as Tracy Lawrence says, time marches on.

wow, that brings back memories!

Thanks Linsdsay for hosting another round of Foodie Pen Pals – we’re up to over 1,000 participants!

The Lean Green Bean


This month Katy Beth of Curlyrunnerbug Move In was paired with me. Katy Beth sent me some scrumptious treats:

Mmm peppermint stick Luna bars are my favorite 🙂

And my oh my, this s’mores popcorn is insane! I told Katy Beth I’d love a local treat, but I am very disappointed that this is local to Las Vegas. I want it to be available everywhere! I need to keep it out of sight though, otherwise I’ll devour all of it in one sitting.

And I sent a box off to blog reader Jessica. Since she isn’t a blogger I took a picture of what I sent her:

Since Jessica doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s near her, I decided to pick up a reusable grocery bag full of goodies, including: corn chile salsa, jalapeno refried black beans, chile spiced mangos, dried seaweed, cinnamon sugar pita chips, jalapeno hot sauce, Middle Eastern flatbread, and some fleur de sel caramels.

Here is her guest post:

Hello my name is Jessica Sain and this was my first time joining in with foodie pen pal. I received some great items from my pen pal, Leila, which she found it very strange to shop for a person who did not like nuts or chocolate LOL. I really do wish I like those things because it would be a great healthy snack. I have been battling with my weight over the past few years and decided to join the pen pal for some motivation. I have always heard great things about Trader Joes and was excited when I opened my box and saw that all my food was from the store. I want to thank Lindsey for organizing this great program. Also, thanks Leila for sending me great healthy food!!!

Are you interested in joining Foodie Pen Pals for August? You don’t have to be a food blogger (or any kind of blogger) to participate, everyone is welcome! Please click here and fill out the form no later than Saturday, August 4th. Lindsay will send matches on Sunday, August 5th. The spending limit is $15, and boxes need to be mailed out by the 15th of the month.

What is your favorite way to eat popcorn?


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