29 weeks

How Big is the Baby?

Around the size of a butternut squash (my favorite squash!) – Approximately 17 inches and around 3 pounds…but I think Baby Spinach is on the smaller side because I haven’t gained much in the last few weeks.


How I’m Changing

Just getting bigger, haha. My belly is now large enough to be a shelf, which is convenient for food, but not as convenient as I thought it would be for reading in bed. Resting a book on my belly isn’t very comfortable. I have an awesome pyramid shaped pillow my mom got me for Christmas that is specifically for reading, but it doesn’t fit on the belly easily.


How I’m Feeling

Eh, I’ve been better. Her bum and legs are wedged up right under my ribs and bending over, even slightly, is really uncomfortable. Even sitting isn’t very easy. It’s crazy! And it is only going to get more uncomfortable.


I’ve also had some pretty bad heartburn since Monday’s glucose test. I was so sick after the test/not eating for 15.5 hours, that all I wanted to do was lie down, but lying down made the heartburn worse. I’m trying to avoid taking meds for it, but I might not be able to hold out much longer.


What I’m Eating

Pretty much the same as before. Lots of salads, fruits and veggies, iced decaf coffee, trail mix, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. My fruit of choice: cherries. I’m putting my new cherry pitter to great use!


Odds & Ends

My glider arrived! It wasn’t supposed to be ready until the end of August, so I was very happy to receive a call yesterday saying it was ready. I wanted a glider that didn’t look like a nursery glider. The hubs and I designed it at The Tin Roof, a local furniture store. I am so happy with how it turned out. The grey color is perfect against the Robin’s Nest blue walls!

The not so fun part of yesterday was that I took my 3-hour glucose test and was told the results would be back today. I didn’t receive a call today, and I’m hoping no news is good news. I’m going to call tomorrow to check, but I would assume they would call me right away if I have gestational diabetes because I’d need to drastically change my eating habits, see a nutritionist, and start monitoring my blood sugar right away. Right?


She is having the hiccups ALL.THE.TIME. Right now, actually. She also thrashes around like an alien on a daily basis. Here’s a video clip of her moving around the other day.


This is actually pretty calm. She moves much more in the early morning and at night, but it is difficult to capture during those times of the day.


And at my last prenatal appointment I captured her heartbeat for the hubs since he couldn’t attend. She was moving around a ton, of course, so it was hard to capture. I’ve listened to this many, many times 🙂


Please ingnore my super pale belly. I’ve never been this pale during the summer!  Sunbathing is no longer on my agenda. Thank goodness for maxi skirts and dresses, haha.

And finally, tonight I met with a potential maternity, birth, and newborn photographer! I have one more to meet with, but am feeling very positive about the photog I met tonight. As soon as I book one I’ll post the photogs blog for all you lookie-loos 🙂

Things I can’t wait to eat again: sushi sounds lovely

# of times I get up to pee each night:  1-2

Days until my next appointment: 2. I’m at appointments every 2 weeks now…ahh, it is getting so close!

Total weight gained: 15 pounds

Exercise: I missed going to prenatal yoga AGAIN this week because of my 3 hour glucose test. The times they have prenatal yoga don’t really flow with my schedule 😦 I’m aiming for next Monday. Until then I’ve been getting some quality time with my elliptical.

Cravings: cherries! I’m a Yakima girl at heart

Aversions: the smell of chicken cooking is getting to me again. Am I back in the first trimester?

What I miss nothing right now

I have 4 pounds of cherries, well probably down to 3 pounds now…what is your favorite dish with cherries?