Insta-road trip

Man, this week has been a whirlwind. Thank you for all your kind words of reassurance on Monday’s post. I’ve been on the road every day, but yesterday, since Sunday and am just now sitting down to catch up.
life rearranged

Since last insta-Friday I’ve driven to: Yakima, Longview, Portland, Albany, back to Yakima, and finally today I drove back home. Phew!

Before heading off, my mom and I picked up some cherries, plouts, blueberries, and caramels at Johnson Orchards.

Over the river (Yakima River), and through the woods (Snoqualmie National Forrest), to Grandmother’s house we go (by way of Longview and Portland).

We stopped in Longview for lunch with Trudy, my mom’s best friend of 30+ years (she photographed my birth!).

And then we drove to Portland where we had dinner with Jessica, (my best friend of 24 years!), and her mom. We had TERRIBLE service, (we didn’t get our dinner until 2 HOURS after our reservation time), but at least we had lots of catching up to do to pass the time.

The next morning Jessica joined us again for a fabulous breakfast at Tasty n Sons. I ate here for the first time last summer (holy cow my hair was blonde!) and was still dreaming about Erin’s Sweet Biscuits a year later. They are every bit as amazing as I remember.

Outside the restaurant we stumbled upon an urban bike riding lesson, which was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And it sums up the city of Portlandia quite nicely.

Then we hit the road with full bellies and spent the night in Albany visiting my Grandma.

We spent a few hours reminiscing and looking at old family photos. This photograph is the epitome of the 60’s. I LOVE my mom’s style!

After brunch the next day we had to hit the road for Yakima again, after a brief stop at the Woodburn Outlets to pick up some yoga pants tax free of course.

Today I said goodbye to Ribbon and Ginger. They were pretty bummed I didn’t have any carrots.

And the I had the scariest driving experience I think I’ve ever had! First it was very windy, and then I ran across a fire. I was heading East on I-90, and was only affected by this huge cloud of smoke.

The poor people heading West were backed up for miles because of flames that were licking the highway. I wanted to take a closer picture, but thought it unsafe to pull over when I could barely see the road through the smoke. I kept driving and about an hour later I was slammed with rain so hard I had to slow down to 35 and drive with my hazard lights on. I would have pulled over to wait it out, but it was so windy that the semi’s were swerving all over the road, and I saw many people who were pulled over almost get hit! Between the lightning flashing rapidly across the sky, the sheets of rain, and the wind, I was driving white knuckled (not hard to do in my current state of paleness), and tense!

After my much needed pre-natal massage, that I barely made due to the extra hour my drive took, I came home to discover the most adorable hat in my mailbox knitted for Baby Spinach by my lovely friend Veronika.

And then the hubs and I started putting our house back together. We’ve been out all week because our hardwoods in the nursery and our bedroom were being refinished. Operation Nursery can finally begin!

What have you been up to this week?