28 Weeks

How Big is the Baby?

She is approximately 17 inches long and 2.9 pounds; this is roughly the size of a small cabbage.


How I’m Changing

My belly button is getting shallower and shallower. Pretty soon it will be an outie. And, because of how much it is now stretching, my belly itches all.the.time.


How I’m Feeling

Meh, not so awesome. My sciatic nerve pain has gotten a whole lot worse. My midwife showed me a stretch, and told me to use an ice pack. Both help, but I can’t sit on an ice pack all day, even though I’d really like to.

I also received my Obus Forme for my seat and back. I bought the ones with the highest rating for the lowest price point, (seat, back). Why there isn’t a one piece contraption is beyond me, I had to purchase the seat and back rest separately. Last time I drove to/from Yakima I was in a lot of pain, like an 8 on a scale of 1-10. On this weeks trip my level of discomfort was more at a 3. Not totally gone, but much more manageable.


What I’m Eating

I am almost out of my About Time protein powder, which after drinking nearly the entire container I’ve decided I don’t like all that much. I picked up a different brand – Designer Whey – from Trader Joe’s and I like it a lot better. So I’m having one shake a day, more bacon gouda fauxbux sandwiches, lots of salads, fruit galore, and homemade ice cream.


Odds and Ends/Ups and Downs

Zoey wanted to be in the picture


I had a pretty devastating blow on Friday. I failed the 1-hour glucose test I took Thursday morning. I was completely shocked! The level-headed/intelligent person in me knows that my pregnancy hormones are preventing my body from processing sugars the way that it normally does, and that I have a family history of diabetes, (not sure if regular diabetes and gestational diabetes can be genetically linked).

But the irrational person in me was pissed. I know I am not the healthiest pregnant woman out there, but I’m pretty damn healthy! I haven’t gained an excessive amount of weight, I exercise 4-5 times a week, eat more than 75 grams of protein a day, hit at least 10 servings of fruits/veggies a day, etc. etc. And while I know there is nothing I could have done differently, I still feel like an absolute failure.

There is a ray of sunshine, however. I might not have gestational diabetes. Next week I’ll take a 3-hour glucose test, which I am not looking forward to at all. I have to fast starting at 8 p.m. and then have my blood drawn at 8:30 a.m. the following day, drink that awesome sugary drink again, and have my blood drawn at one, two, and three hour increments. Oh, and I can’t eat anything during that time. That would be 15.5 hours without food. For a pregnant lady, this is cruel and unusual punishment. And there aren’t any benches that I can lie down on in the waiting room. Awesome.


Wah, wah, wah, whine, whine, whine. Putting on my big girl panties now.



Now that I’ve got my bummer out of the way, I have an up! Remember that bookcase that I was going to try to save with fabric? Turns out the hubs and I had a miscommunication about what needed to happen in order to get the paint to stick to the laminate covered particleboard. I spent Tuesday night sanding (with an electric sander – my new favorite toy), Wednesday priming (with a mask/ventilation!), and Thursday/Friday painting (again, with a mask/ventilation!). And guess what? Success! I haven’t taken pictures of the final product yet, but I am very pleased. I’ll do a full post on how I accomplished this once I get back to Spokane. It will look very nice against our newly refinished hardwoods (which are being done today/tomorrow – now they’ll match the living/dining room!).

Then old man Bachelor got jealous, and he wanted to be in the picture.

Things I can’t wait to eat again: Nothing, but if I do have GD I will have a long list of things!

# of times I get up to pee each night:  1-2

Days until my next appointment: 1 week (3-hour test), and a massage on Friday that I hope helps my sciatic nerve!

Total weight gained: 14.5 pounds – see, not bad at all! That is an average of slightly over a half a pound a week.

Exercise: lots of elliptical action. It finally cooled down a bit, but I left town. Once I get back I’ll be enjoying walks again. I’m also going to start my pre-natal yoga on Monday, as I was feeling too sick after the glucose test to attempt it on Thursday.

Cravings: espresso over ice with some half and half

Sorry I’m so complicated. #formerbarista

Aversions: glucose test drinks

What I miss feeling on top of things – our stuff has been all over the house as we’ve moved things around to get the hardwoods refinished in stages. The hubs is also finishing a room in the basement, so our storage space is being relocated. I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

 If you failed the 1-hour glucose test, but passed the 3-hour glucose test, do you have any advice? And if you wound up with gestational diabetes will you please tell me it isn’t the end of the world and my baby will be okay? That is how I feel right now 😦


13 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Sending Love! Is it super weird that I had a dream that I was diagnosed with diabetes last night?! I can’t even make this stuff up. Happy healthy thoughts being sent your way.

    Also, you look gorgeous.

  2. I had it with Harley….. but not our first. It wasn’t so bad. The most difficult part is the food logs and extra appointments with the nutritionist. I found checking my sugars to be interesting. As you know…. Harley was born happy and healthy and early since she was big. Oh…. and I only gained 2 lbs total. It’s not the end of the world…. you’re just getting the most out of your pregnancy experience. Or… it means she’s a diva and already messing with you. 🙂

    • I track most of my food in the myfitnesspal app, in hoping I can just email PDFs of my screen shots rather than re-logging on a paper log! Thanks Korrina, Harley is pretty perfect. And you’re right, Baby Spinach will most likely be a diva, haha.

  3. Oh goodness- that is a down. I can imagine that I’d be feeling the exact same way. 15.5 hours without food- NOT cool! Not cool at all. I’ll be sending you lots of love & happy thoughts…. I’m still not 100% sure that I took the glucose test right- I need to ask my Dr. at my next appointment.
    I know that you’re doing everything right and that must be super frustrating….
    You are looking GREAT! 🙂 Happy growing! Baby Spinach will be such a lucky little girl!

  4. I am 28 weeks as well! I just came upon your blog, sorry to hear you failed the test. One of my friends failed hers as well when she was pregnant, and had to take the dreaded 3 hour test and passed. So hoping for you it works out well also. On the other hand, another friend did develop gestational diabetes with her pregnancy, and her baby was perfectly healthy. So go in there, get it done and hope for the best! good luck.


  5. Sorry about the test. I passed with flying colors on the second round. The three-hour is a nightmare! I asked if they had any free exam rooms and slept (sort of) through most of the test. They would just get me when they needed to withdraw blood. Take water and have a protien bar in your purse so you can eat right when your done.

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