Man, this week went fast! I need this summer to slow down (and cool off a bit too)! It’s already time for another insta-Friday.
life rearranged

Since last Instagram dumping:

I received fabric swatches for the crib bedding I love

We received our crib, and the hubs put it together

Rikka explored the crib, and was very confused

Sanded and primed a book case (with a mask & ventilation!)

Found some super cute, and super cheap, GAP Maternity jeans on consignment.

Went shopping for Baby Spinach’s quilt.

Mailed my foodie pen pal package

I took my glucose test….gross

I visited my favorite place (and former place of employment) for a chicken chipotle sandwich to make me feel better after my glucose test.

And I spotted a zombie killer

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7 thoughts on “Insta-dump

  1. Love the water bottle…In fact I’m drinking from the same one right now!
    Funky fabrics too!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA…I’m still here! Just winding down the crazy buying a property stage!

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