Instagrammin WIAW

Today was pretty productive: I cleaned up a bit, exercised, went fabric shopping for Baby Spinach’s quilt, mailed off my foodie pen pals package, and did some laundry. Later I’ll be applying some more paint to the bookcase that is becoming a huge pain in my arse. Fun stuff I tell ya.

Thanks Jenn for hosting another round of what I ate Wednesday!

I woke up around 9 and watched a little of the Today Show while munching on a nanner with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and then I busted out a few miles on the elliptical while watching A Baby Story. I’ve recently decided to time my elliptical workouts during the 10 o’clock hour for this reason.

Afterward I was starving and had an early lunch of Mexicanish quinoa salad (subbed pinto beans for black beans and didn’t include cheese),

some 1% cottage cheese topped with a peach, and some iced coffee.

After going fabric shopping and hitting the post office I whipped up a monster protein smoothie with blueberries and pineapple, and tried out some roasted seaweed I picked up yesterday at Trader Joe’s.

It took a few bites before I enjoyed the seaweed, but after a few thins I couldn’t stop reaching for more. They are oddly addicting.

Dinner will be some basil pesto tilapia, brown rice/quinoa blend, and a green salad.

recycled photo, meh

Dessert will happen, I’m just not sure what form it will take.

What’s made you feel productive lately?