Happy 4th of July! [WIAW]

I’m back in Spokane after spending all of July in Yakima 😉 I am loving July’s challenge from Jenn – get your fitness in friends!

Breakfast was eaten on my parents deck with a lovely view,

and Zoey begging for food 🙂

Egg + bacon + Tillamook cheddar on Dave’s Killer Bread (my dad calls it Dave’s prison bread),

and 2% cottage cheese with a peach and some cherries.

Fitness: 50 minutes/3 miles on my mom’s elliptical while watching House Hunters. I am not supposed to get my heart rate above 140, which used to be really difficult to achieve. But now that I am 6 months along I am moving much slooooooower and am easily in the 140 range 🙂


Eaten en route to Yakima – peanut butter and honey on Dave’s Killer Bread, 1 orange bell pepper, 1/2 an English cucumber, an apple,

a Venti SBUX passion iced tea lemonade and some trail mix

The drive between Yakima and Spokane is very drab, but there is one beautiful spot that lasts about 5 minutes when you cross the Columbia River. I took the opportunity to stretch at the Wild Horses Monument.


Sadly, pizza – our propane tank wasn’t full enough for steak, so we ran out to get some only to discover they didn’t fill after 7. So we went around to find one, but by the time we filled up I was starving and was not going to wait unil 9 to eat.

DPatriotic homemade blueberry pie a la mode (recipe soon)

How did you celebrate the 4th of July?

3 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July! [WIAW]

  1. When I work out- keeping it around 140 is super hard! I let it get up there quite a ways and then switch it back so that it can get back down for a while to give both me and baby a break. I have a naturally high resting heart rate so 140 is a brisk walk- not even a power walk…
    We went to a small gathering to celebrate- the husband just got his wisdom teeth taken out on the 3rd so he wasn’t feeling 100% up to stuff. We still had lots of fun though!

    • that is usually me when I work out too! I’m usually around 185 with maybe a 6-7 in effort. I’m afraid of what it would be if I gave a 10! So now I’m giving a 4, but it feel like an 8, lol.
      Ihope your hubs feels better soon – wisdom teeth are no fun 😦

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