Summer’s here! [WIAW]

Not that you’d know it by yesterday’s weather. It was a whopping 50 degrees and rainy. Gross.

Now that I’ve recovered from my bronchitus-like-caugh-for-10-days cold, I’m attacking each day with a goal in mind. It is too easy to fall into the sleep til noon/laze around all afternoon mentality if I don’t. Not that sleeping until 10 is much better…but I’ll take any improvement I can get. The reality will be a huge slap in the face when Baby Spinach arrives and I’m up around the clock if I don’t reign things in now!

So far I’ve attacked the following goals:

Monday – sweep/mop living room, dining room, and kitchen (omg this took forever – any tips to make this go faster? Vaccuming is much quicker!), and clean/organize the pantry

Tuesdaygo into school and get organized and clean basement family room

Wednesday – go into school and get organized

In addition to these goals I have a daily goal of 30 minutes exercise in any shape or form and walk the dog. I also need to add read for an hour to this list, because it is too easy to get sucked into blogs and pinterest and not my ever growing book pile.

And of course, one goal that never leaves my list: eat healthy!

Thanks Jenn for the sensible snack goal for June, I’m excited to see what you cook up for July!

Monday’s eats:

BFauxbux bacon gouda breakfast sandwich

Salmonds pre-elliptical

LFauxbux passion iced tea lemonade (recipe tomorrow)apple and saladThe hubs grilled a bunch of tenderloins and I froze them for easy lunches. My Hugh Jass salad was quite colorful and delicious. In the bowl: lettuce and chives from the garden, yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, avocado, toasted pecans, dried cherries, grilled chicken, and homemade dressing.


DSesame soba noodle salad and a green saladThis soba salad was delish! It is great hot or cold.

DWarheads sour cubes…I’m not proud of this. But 80/20 rule, right?

How do you attack goals? Daily, weekly, monthly?

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