It’s the week of school [WIAW]

Phew! It has been a whirlwind 177 days. Just 3 to go…well 2.5, not that I’m counting or anything. And although it is June, Spokane surely doesn’t know it.

Yeah, that is me, rocking a scarf. My building turned off the heat, even though it has been in the 40’s and 50’s, and I’ve been freezing the last few weeks. Luckily it warms up as the day goes on, but man, this is ridiculous.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another round of What I ate Wednesday.


Monster protein smoothie

and a leftover MSP snack – oatmeal to go. Real oatmeal is so much better.


big ol’ salad (that’s a dinner size plate) that someone brought to the staff room – yay for healthy treats!

leftover lemon olive oil pasta topped with basil & and apple


2% cottage cheese with strawberries


Ground turkey tacos with avocado, bell pepper, tomato, sweet onion, Colby jack cheese, hot sauce, a little 2% Greek yogurt, & a side of Lactaid


An orange roll from The Spokane Club

Is the weather wonky where you live?


6 thoughts on “It’s the week of school [WIAW]

  1. WOW- that is some crazy weather!!! It has been super windy and super dry here- the weather in mid April was around the 100’s which was super crazy for that time of year but it is starting to act a little more June’like— but I’d like for the wind to go and for us to get some rain…
    LOVE salads that are as big as my head! 🙂

  2. Weather has been awesome in NC. Mostly in the 80s but ive heard other parts of the country has some weird weather. Your pasta dish looks so good and I have tons of basil in my garden I need to use!

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