23 Weeks

How Big is the Baby?

1.5 pounds and the length of an ear of corn.


How I’m Changing

Those darn stretch marks showed up, grrr! Well, they’ve been there since college when I gained, and subsequently lost, 35 pounds. But they were very faint – silvery – and now they’ve got the slightest bit of purpley-red to them. Slathering up the Kiehl’s body butter daily!


How I’m Feeling

this smile *might* be fake 😉

My back has been killing me and I’ve been looking at various maternity belts to help alleviate some of the pain. My midwife wrote me a prescription for one, so hopefully insurance will cover at least part of the cost. I’ve decided on the Blanqi – it is a camisole with a built in maternity belt. I first saw it on The Busy Budgeting Mama, and was intrigued. Then my friend Kelly, who also happens to be a doula, raved about it and I decided it was a must purchase item for this pregnancy.


What I’m Eating

Still enjoying lots of fruit and veggies. The hubs garden has been coming in quite nicely, so I’ve been enjoying lots of dinosaur kale, romaine, and chives. I’m also on a sweet potato kick.


Odds and Ends

We made our first MAJOR nursery purchase this weekend! After searching high and low for a glider that didn’t look like a glider, we finally decided to customize a swivel glider at a local furniture store.  The thought process behind this was a babyish glider wouldn’t be used after the baby got bigger, but a nice quality chair would be moved into the family room down the road. So Sunday we went to The Tin Roof and fell in love with the most comfortable swivel glider. Saleswoman Kate helped us pick out the perfect gray color for the base and an ivory/white for the piping. I don’t have a picture of the chair, as it will take approximately 10 weeks to make, but it is this chair


And is a similar color to this (but more gray than taupe)



Ahhh, I can’t wait for it to arrive! Now if I can only decide if I want white nursery furniture (which I am leaning toward), or dark wood to go with the beautiful hardwood floors. I already have the perfect sized bookshelf in a dark finish that I plan to fill with cloth baskets for baby items….but I love the look of a white nursery. Decisions, decisions.

Things I can’t wait to eat again:  not really craving anything I shouldn’t have these days.

# of times I get up to pee each night:  1!

Days until my next appointment: today! I have my first chiropractic appointment this afternoon. I also have a massage next week on Monday – a little celebration of the first day of summer break (before I have to go into Common Core Standards training that afternoon – so much for summer, eh?)

Total weight gained: 10 pounds

Cravings: The Rocket’s no-bake cookies. Oh my heavens. I know I can make these on my own, but man, The Rocket has the perfect ratio of peanut butter to oats to chocolate. Maybe I can sweet talk a barista into giving me the recipe. The hubs picked one up for me on Thursday after I talked about wanting one for two days. He went to one location and they were out, told them it was for his pregnant wife, and they called another location to put the very last one on hold. The next day he went in the morning and picked up 3 more. Good man that hubs.

Aversions: bending over

What I miss: ummm, bending over with ease. Packing up my classroom is going to be a p.i.t.a.!


What do you think, white nursery furniture or dark nursery furniture? We’re going with this paint color.


3 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. Oh, the bending over. No fun. It is so uncomfortable and I swear I pop some ribs out when I do it- it comes so naturally to just bend over before thinking and it always ends up shocking me that it hurts!
    You are looking sooo cute!
    Oh, nursery stuff! I had a huge weekend of buying stuff- hurt the pocket book SOOOO bad! …..I love the chair pick! Super cute! I am having a hard time deciding on colors- but that is an adorable color of paint!!! 🙂

  2. Love the chair! We had the same thought and got a very similar looking chair in brown. It will go in out basement family room someday.

  3. I would do WHITE furniture definitely! Only because I love that colour and picture it in a summer house with white sheer curtains, white cabinets and white lamps 😉

    ….SO I’m not any help at all..

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