Professionally developed, not my meals [yet] [WIAW]

Monday and Tuesday I attended GLAD (guided language acquisition design) training. While I don’t have any English language learners in my classroom, I think the strategies benefit all learners. In February I spent 4 days in a 2nd grade classroom observing the strategies in action and was completely overwhelmed.

I had to do the training out of order, but the past two days have really helped cement the strategies in my head. I also was able to sit with 2 1st grade teacher’s from my building and another 4th grade teacher in our district – it was great to bounce ideas off one another and see how things could be applied at different levels. I left with lots of ideas I am excited to try out next school year.

But I’m not going to lie, the training was L-O-N-G. Teachers are not used to sitting all day! I had to keep getting up and stretching. I also needed lots of fuel. Thanks for hosting another round of What I Ate Wednesday Jenn! And while I didn’t know June’s theme ahead of time, I think I did a pretty good job. Dinner though….eh, not so much.


Major protein smoothie & SBUX grande no water soy chai


half a pb&j + coconut water oh wait, I forgot that in the freezer 😦


Lunch was provided, but today it was a build your own sandwich bar. I’ve never been to a district training that had this option (it is usually a hot dish) so I didn’t bring a back up. I was able to create a salad out of the sandwich toppings (a nice high schooler brought me a side of ranch), and had some pasta salad w/veggies as well as a roll with a slice of provolone. Random, but it worked.


apple crisp situation made by the students at the Skills Center (where our training was – its on-the-job training through our school district for high schoolers. They make a mean dessert)

After lunch I won a drawing for a stack of old National Geographics. Yes, I know, this sounds like a really exciting prize. It actually goes along with the strategies we learned. And look what was in my pile:

The most iconic National Geographic cover ever!


pink lady apple, 1/2 a bell pepper & Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (my new obsession – I just received a 3-pack from Amazon 🙂 )


The plan was tilapia, quinoa and sauteed kale. But someone (not me) had a craving for pizza. I didn’t argue too much 🙂 I had a slice of pepperoni and 2 breadsticks. I have a weakness for Pizza Hut breadsticks.

I’d really like another slice of that apple crisp situation.

What is your favorite nut butter?