22 Weeks

How Big is the Baby?


Supposedly she is about 8 inches and 1.2 pounds – the size of a papaya. Although at my ultrasound last week, where our little stinker was still not cooperating, she was only in the 33rd percentile. I, of course, freaked out, but my midwife said at this point in my pregnancy is it not a concern. So I am trying to remain calm about it.


How I’m Changing

I feel huge. I pulled out the measuring tape this weekend to see just how huge, and my middle has grown by 10 whole inches! I *knock on wood* don’t have any stretch marks, and no linea nigra. My chloasma, (mask of pregnancy) however, has gotten a tad darker.

I also thought my hips had widened, but the tape proved me wrong. Although I think they are getting ready to, because the tops of my hips are very, very sore.


How I’m Feeling

Thursday I woke up sore, which I generally do the morning after Zumba, but this time it was different. Usually my legs are a little sore, but that is about it. This time my lower back was killing me and my round ligament pain was back in full force. I’m really hoping that goes away soon. I looked up some exercises to help alleviate the pain, and am going to finally book a chiropractic appointment.


I also need to talk to my midwife about wearing a maternity support belt for my lower back, because I read on BERF that it isn’t something her doc recommends wearing all the time. It seems like it would help me though.


What I’m Eating

I’m craving sweets. This weekend I’ve enjoyed: sea salt caramel gelato, lemon poppyseed muffin French toast, tiramisu, and a no-bake cookie. Oops.


I’m trying to make these cravings subside by eating fruit. Jazz apples are no longer available, so I’ve moved on to pink ladies, as well as grapes, nanners, and more watermelon.


Odds and Ends

I went to The Farm Chicks Show (a huge crafts and antique fair) this weekend and found a super cute pram (that was too expensive to purchase), and an adorable lamp shade that I am going to try to recreate for Baby Spinach’s nursery. I also saw some adorable heart garland made from book pages that I think would be cute hanging behind her crib or near her bookshelf. Pictures of all in yesterday’s post.

# of times I get up to pee each night:  1-2

Days until my next appointment: 4 – Baby Spinach still didn’t fully cooperate last week, so we have to go back to try to get the final measurements. I am totally fine with all the extra ultrasounds they need 🙂 And I really hope she cooperates this time because I’d love a glimpse of her face without her hands and feet in front of it!

Total weight gained: last week I thought I was still around 7, but at my appointment on Tuesday I discovered it was up 9.5. My scale reads 7.5, so I am going to say 8.5. I asked my midwife if I was doing okay with my weight gain, (I was worried that since I haven’t gained much it might be the reason Baby Spinach is only in the 33rd percentile), but she said I was doing amazing!

Cravings sweets

Aversions still the smell of meat cooking, and dog farts, but I’m always adverse to those

What I miss Advil.


What is your favorite sweet treat?