[not so] wordless weekend

My first weekend in June was *almost* perfect.

Friday evening the hubs and I enjoyed dinner with one of his younger sisters and her husband. Saturday, I enjoyed brunch at Chaps while discussing my most recent book club pick (The Fault in our Stars – as recommended by Jenn – and I recommend it too, although I kept freaking out about Baby Spinach getting cancer as I was reading it), and enjoyed homemade pasta and sauce while watching In The Womb with the hubs later that night. Sunday I shopped for antiques and crafts at The Farm Chicks Show, had a pedicure date with my friend Jenny and capped off my weekend with some fabulous kale chips made with dinosaur kale from our garden. The only thing that could have made this weekend better is if the sun was out, the wind went away and the temperature rose about 8 degrees.

Baby Spinach danced up a storm for 2 hours after this – totally eating it before my my next ultrasound!

Love Chaps
Lemon poppyseed muffin French toast. Mmmmhmmm.

I’ll be recreating this ruffle lamp for Baby Spinach

And I’ll be recreating this book heart garland for her too
If the price tag wasn’t so steep I’d totally purchase this pram.

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What did you do this weekend?