Memorial Day Eats [WIAW]

My 3-day weekend (that unexpectedly turned into a 5-day weekend) ended on a delicious note. How about yours?

Thanks for hosting another round of WIAW, Jenn!


Decaf + homemade whip cream

Oats with 1/2 scoop protein powder, cinnamon, 1/2 TBS chia seeds, 1/2 cup fresh blueberries and some raw sugar


Egg sammie with butter, goat cheese and bacon on an English muffin & some pickle spears

This was so delicious.


Nanner + Kind bar

Raspberry lemonade


Mixed greens with sweet onion, tomatoes, strawberries and homemade shallot/honey dressing

Asparagus Pesto Pasta


Chewy peanut butter w/fudge cookie (same one’s I could smell and then drove to the store to immediately purchase to satisfy my craving)

And not on Memorial Day, but yesterday, the hubs and I went to my ultrasound to see Baby Spinach again. She was much more cooperative than last time (phew!), but her feet were still up in front of her face, as well as one hand. The other hand was covering her girly bits. She’s modest, just like her mother. We also watched her drinking amniotic fluid – right after I ate some candy trying to get her to move!

Look at that profile, she’s doing the duck face! Lol, part of that is the umbilical cord, but it looks like the duck face, doesn’t it?


12 thoughts on “Memorial Day Eats [WIAW]

    • Lol, yeah this is my second anatomy scan and I have a 3rd next week because they couldn’t get her head circumference this time. My midwife was apologizing about needing me to come back in, but I am totally fine with all the extra ultrasounds they need so I can see my little leaf more! How many have you had so far?

  1. How adorable! Everything looks great and healthy. My pregnancies were not healthy at all. lol But now I know why you only had one cookie. Those things are big!

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