School Lunches

When I was a kid my parents made my lunch every day. Once a month I was able to purchase a school lunch, and I am fairly positive I always cashed in my money on cheese zombie day. Or maybe it was chocolate milk day. Whatever day it was, I’m sure it wasn’t healthy.

cheese zombies...grossvia

Today I stumbled upon Never Seconds via Chelsey and was quite impressed with Veg, who is only 9 years old, and her mission to make school lunches healthier. It’s enough to make Jamie Oliver proud. No really, it is.

Pop on over and check it out.

*Fun fact, the class lunch picture from May 24th is my friend’s classroom!

Although I can’t do anything about the main course (at least not yet), I do stand next to the fruit/veggie station and won’t let me kids into the lunch room until they’ve gotten a serving of each. There was a rumor going around that I was issuing notifications for students not eating fruits and vegetables. Totally untrue, but I didn’t correct the rumor. I am okay with scaring them into eating healthy 🙂

As I was browsing the comments I ran across the Methow Valley Community School Locavores – the kids help grow their own fruits and veggies and help prepare their own school lunches from local farmers in the Methow Valley area, (Winthrop, WA – I visited there last summer – the locovore lifestyle is celebrated throughout the community). How cool is that!?

What are your thoughts on school lunches these days?