20 weeks – halfway point!

Well…hopefully halfway and not less than halfway 🙂

How Big is the Baby?

This week the measurements switch from crown-to-rump to crown-to-toes. She is sitting pretty around 7 inches long (the length of a large banana), and approximately 11 ounces.


How I’m Changing

My uterus is now at the top of my belly button and takes up the majority of my lower abdomen. It is hard as a rock and it is cool to poke around and try to get Baby Spinach to respond. If she is sleeping she doesn’t, but if I can feel her moving around I’ll poke around and she’ll often kick back. So fun!

A few patches of chloasma, a.k.a. the mask of pregnancy, have taken residence on my forehead, cheeks and my upper lip. It looks like I have brown lip liner on the top lip a la my middle school years, and I forgot to outline the bottom lip. Sigh.


How I’m Feeling

Because my uterus has risen, everything else is rising…right into my lungs. This has caused shortness of breath at times, especially when I have to repeat myself in class, I’m reading the spelling cloze test story, or I’m reading aloud. I’ve found myself sitting as I teach more than I ever have as a result.

I’ve also been hit with major fatigue this week, which I think the 86-degree heat was at least partially to blame. I skipped Zumba on Wednesday as a result, which really bummed me out because I only have 3 classes left!


What I’m Eating

I’m still on a watermelon kick! And strawberries, blueberries, bananas…really, any kind of fruit is my friend (although watermelon really takes the cake).

Speaking of cake, my new protein powder arrived – About Time Birthday Cake. Liz turned me on to this brand, and I’m glad she did. It is lactose free, gluten free, hormone free, carb and fat free, has no artificial colors or sugars (it is sweetened with stevia), and packs a whopping 25 grams of protein per 103 calorie scoop. I’ve been enjoying a first breakfast protein shake every morning since it arrived.


Odds and Ends

I am realllllllllly ready to start working on the nursery. The hubs and his dad are finishing our 4th bedroom, which will become our guest room/office. Right now Baby Spinach’s nursery is our office, so I can’t get started on it until the 4th bedroom is finished.

Until then, I am pinning ideas left and right. We’ve (ha, I’ve) determined the color scheme: aqua, yellow & grey with a subtle elephant theme. This is the look I am going for, but yellow instead of green.


I’ve found a few accents I’d like to purchase but don’t have anywhere to stash them so I haven’t slapped down the master card just yet. Items I am swooning over include:



I’m going back and forth between the harringbone and the chevron rug.

And I am digging this bedding.

# of times I get up to pee each night:  down to 2, whoo hoo!

Days until my next appointment: 9 – our ultrasound was bumped up because the hubs’ trial was rescheduled for the same day as our appointment. I’m totally okay with seeing our little leaf earlier than planned 🙂

Total weight gained: 7 pounds

Cravings: watermelon & dark chocolate, not together

Aversions: none!

What I miss: hardcore workouts

What is your favorite color combo?


6 thoughts on “20 weeks – halfway point!

  1. Loving the homage to Arrested Development (banana-on-a-Segway). 🙂 I have always liked turquoise and coral-ish red together. Your combo is beautiful, though. The pinwheels are light and darling. Have you seen the origami mobile on Pinterest? Lovely!! I’m sooooo excited for all of this to come together!

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