Starting to taste like Summer [WIAW]

Sunday I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. During the week my kidlets wrote Mother’s Day Haikus as we kicked off our poetry unit, and I received a few myself πŸ™‚

I also received a cute card from my parents, as well as a lovely card and this gorgeous fuschia basket from the hubs.

Each year my dad gets my mom a fuschia for Mother’s Day, so the hubs followed that tradition for me this year.

My what I ate Wednesday this week is my first Mother’s Day menu, chock full of summery delights.


Decaf + homemade whip cream

Hubs made fried egg and pan cooked potatoes, bell peppers & onions


Salad from the garden with dried cherries, pecans, tomatoes and homemade dressing and an egg salad sandwich made with dijon, 1 laughing cow wedge and paprika.


Watermelon! I had, like, 3 bowls while reading in the hammock as the chicks chatted nearby.

As well as some sparkling coconut water, which was perfect for sipping in the sun.


Fresh asparagus, mmmmm

Plus some Papa Murphy’s veggie delite pizza.


lovely organic strawberries

topped with homemade whip creamΒ  and a shortcake underneath

What summery foods have you enjoyed recently?


2 thoughts on “Starting to taste like Summer [WIAW]

  1. Delicious Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚ ….What a fun day! I did some ‘me’ things to celebrate and enjoy the last mother’s day I’ll have on my own terms- long walks/runs, gardening, fingernail painting on the porch ect… πŸ™‚
    Green smoothies have been brought back full force for summer around here!

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