19 weeks

How Big is the Baby?

6 ½ inches – she is still about the length of the mango, according to all my sources.


How I’m Changing

I feel like my bump had a major growth spurt this week and I’ve officially **popped** Before there was a definite bump, but it was pretty small (unless you count the bloat!). But now it is definitely out n’ about. One of my students came up to me on Friday to ask a question and couldn’t stop staring at my stomach. She forgot what she was going to ask and the conversation went something like this:

Student: whoah, you’re going to have a baby

Me: Yep

Student: Heh heh heh, cool.

Me: Did you need to ask me something?

Student: Yeah, but I can’t remember now.


How I’m Feeling

Pretty good. I know this second trimester energy won’t last, especially during the hottest months of the year when I’ll be neck deep in the third trimester, so I’m trying to relish it now. Although in Zumba this week I noticed wasn’t able to push myself as hard as I once could. Part of this had to do with the 86-degree heat + non-air conditioned building, but my endurance is definitely not where it used to be.


What I’m Eating


Watermelon! I can’t get enough. In the last week and a half I’ve eaten nearly 3 bambinos to myself.

I’m also enjoying cottage cheese with berries and Kind bars.

Sunday I ordered some birthday cake protein powder that Liz had as part of her WIAW recently. I hope it is as tasty as it sounds. It packs a whopping 25 grams per 103 calorie serving. Not too shabby.


Odds and Ends

On the day Baby Spinach and I hit the 19-week mark she celebrated by kicking so hard I could feel it on the outside for the first time! I tried to wake the hubs, but he was not having it and kept murmuring, “mmmhmm.” So I texted a friend to share the good news. 🙂 Of course the next day the hubs was like, “why didn’t you wake me!?” Doh!

Things I can’t wait to eat again:  I keep seeing all these fun summery cocktails on pinterest that I won’t be able to enjoy this summer. So I’m going to create some mocktails in their place.

# of times I get up to pee each night:  3ish

Days until my next appointment: 17 – we’re having another ultrasound because our little leaf was not cooperating and the ultrasound tech could barely get anything she needed. We were very surprised we were even able to find out the gender last time!

Total weight gained: 6 pounds

Cravings: Watermelon!

Aversions: none really, but I don’t dig preparing meat

What I miss: being able to go all out during a workout


What is your favorite summer mocktail?