WIAW Instagram edition

I couldn’t find my camera on Monday, so WIAW this week is via my iPhone. I finally jumped on the hipster train and downloaded instagram. It definitely breathes life into my iPhone photos. Although after reviewing my daily eats I noticed I was seriously lacking in the veggie department. Jenn, bring me another veggie challenge!

B #1

3/4 cup 2% cottage cheese with fresh organic strawberries


steel cut oats with brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon and pecans


Trader Joe’s bean&rice burritos and watermelon


dried kiwi and a cookie dough balance bar


pesto tilapia (fabulous find at Costco), grilled asparagus and a cherry, chive and feta quinoa side dish (recipe tomorrow)


Mint Magnum!

I thought about enjoying a pink cookie too, but decided the ice cream was enough πŸ˜‰ I revealed that I was having a girl to my students by asking them what the probability of the baby being a girl was and the probability of the baby being a boy, (we are working on probability, fractions, decimals and percents to review for the state test this week). Then I had them split into teams: blue for boy and pink for girl. Then they had to count themselves up and figure out their team’s fraction. Afterward we worked together to change it into a decimal and a percent. It was a fun way to integrate real life with math.

Afterward they did a drumroll and I revealed pink frosted cookies! They were very excited – both for the fact that the baby is a girl and that they got cookies to celebrate πŸ™‚

Do you use instagram regularly?

I have no idea how to find myself online or how to follow people – help me!


16 thoughts on “WIAW Instagram edition

  1. I love instagram! What is your user name, I’ll look for you! I *think* my username is cakers52 (I dont know where my phone is right now)…but I think you can search by email as well!

  2. I’m like you, I’m a novice when it comes to Instagram and other photo enhancing apps, but when I do use them, they definitely make the pictures look more distinct.

    I’m a teacher too (I teach English), and I’m sure you students loved that you shared your news with them in that way. Very cool.

  3. I found you on Instagram ages ago & have been waiting for you to approve my “follow” request. Go to the heart icon at bottom right of screen and you should see requests & news.

    • My dad is an expert watermelon picker, so I think it must be in the genes. But I get the bambinos at the beginning of the season because they are smaller, which means they are more likely to be sweeter. Then I make sure they have a large sun spot. And then I wack at them until I hear the drum sound.

  4. So glad you found my blog! I wish we had a Trader Joe’s here but the closest one is one and a half hours away. 😦
    Congrats on the baby girl! πŸ™‚
    I use instragram. What’s your username? You should be able to look up by username. Mine is “LilMysNinja” I use instagram ALL THE TIME! LOL

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