Puppy dog tails or sugar and spice?

I am a total foodie nerd and knew I would have to reveal the sex of the baby to our family in a food related way. Right after I found out I was pregnant I discovered the trend of gender* reveal parties on pinterest, and knew I was going to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t care if it’s dorky or tacky, I think combining delicious food with a fun party to reveal the sex of the baby is brilliant!

*yes, I know the difference between gender and sex. I figure they are called gender reveal parties instead of sex reveal parties because if they were more accurately called sex reveal parties you might think you were being invited to a peep show.

I combed through pinterest and blogs for gender reveal recipes and decided cupcakes were the way to go. Only not just cupcakes, I needed delicious cupcakes. And I needed hint foods too.

I am not a master cupcake decorator, but I do make wedding cake quality treats. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

See if you can spot the hint foods. Nobody did, although my mother-in-law asked if the watermelon was. It wasn’t – my dad brought it from Yakima.

I also downloaded some cute girl or boy paper bunting and food markers, but then never got around to printing them out because I was cleaning. Or nesting, you decide.


We asked our immediate family to come over and wear either pink or blue, depending on their guest.

The girl votes clearly numbered the boy votes.

Team Pink: my mom, sister-in-law Theresa, sister-in-law Alison, niece Josephine, niece Adelia, mother-in-law Gayle, father-in-law Rob and brother-in-law Josh.
Team Blue: nephew Gregory, sister-in-law Kimberly and my dad

My brother-in law Ryan did not follow instructions, so he had to be pictured alone. I didn’t have a dunce hat for him to wear.

Once some snacks were consumed we instructed everyone to grab a cupcake and on the count of 3 to bite into the cupcake to find out what we were having…