18 weeks

How Big is the Baby?


6 inches long – the length of a mango. I tried to buy one at the store, but they only had small mangos, which were about 4 inches across.


How I’m Changing

Remember how the bump was finally out all day long? Well guess what, the bloating has finally subsided and my stomach looks smaller than it did at 15 weeks! Too funny, although I really miss my bigger bump (I do not miss being bloated though!). I purchased a bunch of maternity tops last weekend and packed away all my shirts that were no longer covering the bump. Well, now those tops are too big! Hopefully my bump comes back soon!


How I’m Feeling

MUCH better! I’m LOVING Zumba and taking walks with my pup. I’m sad that Zumba will be ending at the end of the month. It was only $15 for 15 weeks, and I know I will not be finding that cheap of a rate this summer. The best I’ve found is  $5/session through parks and rec. Hopefully the health and wellness grant money will extend through summer and we’ll be able to have it at the cheap rate again. I doubt it, but a girl can hope.


I’ve also been feeling our little leaf move around a bunch this week! I normally feel movements after lunch and dinner. But extra movements if I eat dessert. This means I have been eating dessert every night! This habit probably needs to be curbed a bit.


What I’m Eating

Did I mention dessert? Ha! I’ve been enjoying single serve ice cream bars or popsicles. My current favorite is the Magnum mint. Mmmm, I’d like to thank my co-worker for getting me hooked on them. Although I’d also like to curse her.

For healthy eats, I’m still loving jazz apples! I am also getting better at my water and protein intake. I received an email from my doula friend, Kelly, who reminded me the importance of these two things in my diet. I had been seriously lacking in the first trimester, and I have gotten better, but her email made me realize that I hadn’t updated the blog to reflect that.


Odds and Ends

We now know the sex of Baby Spinach! We had a gender reveal party with our immediate family today, so I’ll be revealing on the blog tomorrow. Our awesome next door neighbors also invited us over for coffee and conversation today and gave us a pack n’ play. I love gently used hand-me-downs!

Rikka is not a fan.

# of times I get up to pee each night:  down to 3ish!

Days until my next appointment: 4 weeks – another ultrasound and my monthly check up.

Total weight gained: fluctuating between 4 and 6 pounds

Exercise: Zumba on Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour, plus walking

Cravings: magnum mint ice cream bars, fresh fruit

Aversions: still none!

What I miss: being able to take Excedrin for headaches. Tylenol just isn’t the same

Question of the day: For those of you who didn’t already see the facebook picture – what’s your guess? Are you feeling blue, or thinking pink?


12 thoughts on “18 weeks

  1. You know how I want to be more like you? I want to eat what I want….more often and for pleasure (or craving). I’m so self-limiting! Mint + chocolate is the greatest.

  2. You look great! 🙂 It is so crazy to feel yourself grow, isn’t it?! I am still adjusting to the growing tummy- even though I LOVE what is inside. (I just love that top you are wearing- cute!)
    Ah, gender reveal! Tooooo fun! I am guessing girl but have no idea. YAY for knowing! Isn’t it nice to bond with the baby once you think you know.
    Mint + Chocolate = love

    • I’m loving the growing belly – mostly because it is the only time in my life I am supposed to have a big belly! Haha, show it off!
      The top is from American Eagle years ago – I bought it without trying it on, cut off the tags/threw away the receipt and then realized it looked like I was pregnant so I almost never wore it. Now I love wearing it, haha.

  3. You look great! im thinking a boy. zenjoying the happy moments right now because once you get bigger and summer hits, it’s tough. well at least it was for me.

  4. You look so great!! I am thinking girl, even though everyone I know is having boys right now. Maybe you’ll provide someone for all these boys to date in 15 years 🙂

  5. You look fantastic! I’m saying girl…Mostly because I myself want a girl because everyone around me is having boys!

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