Happy Bread Pudding Exchange Week! [WIAW]

Isn’t that an odd holiday? I thought so too, but it also made me sad I didn’t enjoy my favorite bread pudding (made with croissants!) when I was out to dinner Sunday night with my in-laws. I don’t have a recipe for you, but if you have a recipe and sub croissants for the bread I’m sure it will be amazing.

And since I was at least in the presence of bread pudding on Sunday, I’ll bring you Sunday’s eats this week for What I ate Wednesday. Thanks Jenn for hosting!


Fruity breakfast quinoa with cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries and some regular white sugar, topped with vanilla almond milk.


Pomegranate, blueberry & pistachio KIND bar pre-bike ride with the hubs

Ethel and Bernie say hello. Lucy was yelling at them to come back to the coop. They helped me make lunch.


Egg salad sandwich (with less egg whites removed thanks to the suggestion to peel it under water), jazz apple and pickle spears. I enjoyed my lunch while finishing Pandemonium – a Jenn recommendation. OMG, the ending is such a cliff-hanger and I have to wait a year to find out what happens!

Home-brewed passion ice tea on the side.


The hubs and I were treated to dinner by his parents at Downriver Grill. I ordered one of my favorite sandwiches – the mustard glazed chicken with apple cole slaw, provolone, and honey butter – only to discover it wasn’t hitting the spot like it usually does. Pregnancy related? I also had a few waffle fries and a side salad with braised grapes, walnuts and a champagne dressing. My mother-in-law and I split the berry cobbler with house-made ice cream for dessert. Mmmm, cobbler.

Do you have a favorite bread pudding recipe to share?


4 thoughts on “Happy Bread Pudding Exchange Week! [WIAW]

  1. Bread Pudding Exchange day? haha so strange. I wish I had a recipe to share… I’v never made bread pudding, but it’s def on my list.

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