Salads are back! [WIAW]

Until this week, I’ve been seriously lacking in the green’s department. But recently they’ve made their presence known and I am very happy to have them back in my life.

Thanks to Jenn for reminding us to get our veggies in this month!

B #1: unpictured protein shake

B #2

Steel Cut Oats with fresh blueberries, agave, cinnamon, and vanilla eaten with a spork.


Watermelon. Totally not in season, but I’ve been craving it lately so I bought a little bambino from Mexico. Not very flavorful, but it cut the craving a bit.


Big ol’ salad with romaine, spinach, red onion, yellow and orange bell pepper, tomato, toasted pine nuts, dried bing cherries, a hard boiled egg, and homemade dressing.

Well, part of a hard boiled egg.

This always happens to the shell, regardless if I add vinegar to the water.

On the side I had some toasted+buttered Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed.

**interlude for a cavity filling. FYI, when you’re pregnant they don’t give you the good stuff to kill the pain and I could feel the drill! So they gave me a second shot, and all I felt was pressure. But the good news is it wears off faster, so you can drink without drooling sooner 🙂


SBUX date with my 5-days overdue buddy. Wish her good birthing juju please! We enjoyed some passion ice tea and Trader Joe’s trail mix.


Date night at the goat for their weekly special: portabellas, port wine onion preserves, goat cheese, olive oil, oregano and pecorino cheese.

On the side I enjoyed a lovely Aubry salad with fennel, fresh mozz and a lemon vinaigrette.


I picked up some treats at Trader Joe’s and enjoyed the dark chocolate with mint as an after dinner treat. Totally hit the spot.

Do you have any tips for cracking hard boiled eggs in less than a million pieces? How about not having multiple chunks of egg white coming off with the shell?


14 thoughts on “Salads are back! [WIAW]

  1. Once boiling starts leave boiling for 3-4 min. Turn off and let sit for 10 min. Then drain water and place eggs in ice water for another 10 min. Refrigerate and you’re good to go! I hope this helps. It works for me every time.

    • I do almost the same thing – boil for one minute, then simmer them one minute, then let them sit – covered w/o heat – for 10 minutes. I wonder if the problem is that I use home grown eggs instead of conventional store bought? Maybe the shell has a thicker layer that connects the whites to the shell(?).

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  3. I’ve had problems with hard boiled eggs too! The trick I’ve learned is using baking spas in the water and when finished cooking, immediately put them in cold water. Then crack both ends of the eggs first before peeling. I’ve found that they’re easier to peel when I do these steps!

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